Why Putting A Marijuana Dispensary Is A Good Idea

Marijuana is a very controversial drug, for the reason that there are many mixed ideas about it. While some countries treat it as a medicinal drug, some countries treat it as illegal. While more and more countries have now accepted marijuana and legalized its use, there are still some countries that don’t. In The United States alone, you only find a few states like Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Washington and Washington DC that have legalized marijuana.

On November 8th, 2016, a day that most Californians will never forget, it was the day in which marijuana was legalized. While most people think that the legalization of Marijuana was liberating that the market will explode, it’s not really the case and this is the reason why putting up a Marijuana Dispensary In California is not a good idea, but a great idea! Below are the reasons why you should consider doing it.

There is actually no solid competitions yet: There are more smokers of marijuana than sellers, and if you’re a marijuana seller doesn’t mean you know more about the drug. Most of the time sellers don’t, they only sell and smoke their products. If you think that these guys can put up a business, they can but it will be hard especially if you don’t know how to properly sell it. There is a difference with people selling marijuana that know what it is than people that don’t and that will make a difference in the marijuana experience that most customers prefer.

If you commit you have 2 years to learn: Here’s the thing, if you commit to putting up your own marijuana dispensary, you don’t get to sell right away. The law states that (well not exactly the word) in order for you to have your own dispensary, you need to have a resting period of 2 years. That’s right 2 years for you to get your act right, learn what you can and be an expert in the craft. Don’t waste the time because this will be the determining factor if you are able to keep your business or not.

You have 5 years to grow: If 2 years wasn’t enough for you and you fear of a bigger competition, don’t. Because the state of California has a hold off for bigger businesses to sell weed for the next five years, so you have a total of 7 years. 7 years to learn and grow your business without the fear of being run over by a bigger competition. How’s that for a leeway?

Everyone wants to be California not just for the weather but also for the place and the jobs here. And in the 8th of November of 2016, it even became more desirable as marijuana was then legalized. Many rejoiced and while many thought that selling can be a challenge, it’s not. Because the state made it friendlier for the people that plan to put up their marijuana dispensary. First off, you don’t have real competition, second, you are given 2 years to learn the business and three the bigger players that plan to make a business of marijuana can’t put up their business for the next 5 years, top that!

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