They all say a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and we bring for you a more convenient and better way to maintain your physical fitness.

Presenting for you a helping hand during your workout sessions.

Foam rollers helps you to reduce stress, fatigue and pain post your workout sessions.

It’s not the training part which is difficult but it’s the post workout session which is difficult to cope up.

Foam rolling is a technique used by sports person and physical trainers to inhibit overactive muscles. It helps to improve soft tissue extensibility, thus relaxing the muscle and allowing the activation of the antagonist muscle. Pressure is applied to specific body parts by rolling a large foam tube on areas of pain to assist with recovery. The size of the foam roller varies according to the area where pressure is being applied and pressure required.

Foam rolling equipment consists of a foam cylinder having varied sizes. Thus they are selected for different body parts on the basis of their size and strength.


1.It helps you bounce back faster after a tough workout.

2.It delays soreness of muscles that is you will be less sore.

3.It helps you restore and extend your muscles tendons, ligaments and soft tissues.

4.It helps increase the flexibility and range of motion in targeted muscles.

5.It helps improve your overall performance as proper range of motion helps you perform better movements with better technique and more power.

6.It helps relieve muscular tension throughout our body and act as a great way to provide pain relief.


1.Foam rollers come in different sizes having different surface textures, choosing the correct form of foam roller helps you attain more efficient results. Soft rollers should be used by beginners to attain the basic method and knowledge.

2.It should not be used as a sole treatment for mobility and recovery. Its cannot hold responsibility of recovery alone, it acts as a part of complete approach to training goals.

3.Injuries can be healed through this method by not hitting directly on the spot but the peripheral area of the affected part.

4.Instead of going back and forth in a fast pace one must take their own time to roll over the full length of the muscles as it allows actual compression.

5.It must be used after heavy workouts for maximum recovery as it heals the soreness and you are fit to move.

A foam roller helps us make the most of our workouts by boosting recovery, less soreness and achieve better mobility and function. Thus this brings an end to all your workout related problems.

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