Signs of knee injury that no one should ignore

No injury should be ignored. But there are times when we have tell tale signs of a knee injury in front of us and we consciously choose to ignore it and keep from visiting the doctor till the last minute. Sometimes the symptoms are so subtle that we do not realise it till the damage becomes too extensive.

Signs of Knee Injuries

However there are certain classic Indications to see a doctor immediately which should not be ignored by anyone because sometimes the injuries are so grave that they will remain with you for the rest of your life. Well if you want to avoid a life time of pain and difficulty in walking, then here are some symptoms that you should never ignore and the probable causes:

  1. Is your knee suddenly swelling up? Has it become stiff and you are having difficulty in moving it? Well this might happen suddenly and build up over a period of time until it becomes next to impossible for you to move this joint. This is a sign of an extensive knee injury which can mean a lot of things- from muscle to bone injury which can result in a lot of pain. Do rush to a doctor at the earliest sign of this.
  2. Are you having difficulty in standing? Can you feel that your knees cannot take the weight of your body? This might be the result of brittle bones, a problem that is faced by a lot of elderly people. This is another problem that has early signs and grows over time. So go and visit a doctor at the earliest. If need be you might have to opt for surgery, but then again it is better to get cured than walk with a stick for the rest of your life.
  3. Did you fall and hurt your knee yesterday? Has the knee swollen up and you are in excruciating pain. Well this is tell tale Symptoms and Signs of Knee Injuries of either a broken bone or a sore tendon. Whatever it might be, you will not be able to ignore it because of the extreme pain. Immediately get an x-ray done and rush to the doctor with report. Do not try to walk or stand up and it is best if you get a wheel chair for assistance because the more you try to walk the more you will hurt yourself.
  4. Well sometimes people experience fever and swelling of the knee. This is not a good symptom at all and suggests a long term knee problem which needs to be treated immediately. Do not wait for the swelling to go done, rather go and visit the doctor.
  5. Is your knee making cracking noises? Well this might a sign that your bones have become weak and brittle. While a few calcium tablets will do the trick for some, others might have to opt for a more rigorous course of treatment, something which needs to be consulted with a doctor.

It is never wise to postpone visiting a doctor. At the earliest signs of discomfort, call and fix an appointment with your trusted physician.

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