Addiction Rehab: About Low Cost and No Cost Rehabs

Addiction rehab treatment in Canada is made more accessible even for individuals that are having financial constraints. There are low-cost and no-cost rehab facilities to choose from, most of which are government-funded centers and clinics. These addiction treatment programs are willing to help and admit addicts who want to get treatment but could not afford the usual costs. Recovery from substance abuse and addiction and leading a safe and healthier life is possible with the right addiction rehab facility.

Addiction Rehab Centers with Low- and No-Cost Policies

Entering a rehab facility, such as 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab, opens the door to full recovery but most people stop at the doorsteps because of financial problems. The Canadian government has been initiating treatment programs in order to combat the seemingly relentless substance abuse and dependence problem in the country. The emergence of low- and no-cost rehab facilities is one of the aggressive efforts aiming for comprehensive addiction rehab treatment. How do these rehabs work?

Low-Cost Rehab

Out-of-pocket costs are usually the biggest financial burdens for most recovering addicts that want to get a good treatment program. There are addiction treatment clinics that provide complete services with private insurance coverage for the therapy accessed. In the previous years, more and more alcohol and drug rehab centers that accept insurance have increased in number and numerous insurance plans now cover addiction treatment.

In case your insurance plan has limited coverage for the addiction rehab treatment, take note that a good portion of the treatment, specifically vital ones are covered. Most insurance plans will pay for salient procedures such as drug detox, psychological counseling, withdrawal monitoring, and the main treatment program, whether in inpatient or outpatient settings. Some patients that have insurance coverage opt for an outpatient addiction rehab treatment since this program does not disrupt your normal life. Outpatient treatment is, however, applicable for mild to moderate addiction cases.

Addiction Rehab

No-Cost Rehab

Another option for addiction treatment is the no-cost rehab. Addiction rehab treatment in this category is free of charge yet is still administered with utmost quality results. Some community-based health clinics offer free treatment or what is considered sliding-scale fees. No-cost rehab is ideal for individuals with no health insurance and badly needed treatment for their addiction. One of the easiest ways to get no-cost Addiction rehab treatment is through contacting your local health and social services authorities. Inquire about available drug and alcohol treatment programs in your area that provide no-cost treatment.

Substance addicts can also get help from free support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Secular Organizations for Sobriety, and SMART Recovery. There are nonprofit organizations, charities, and church groups that provide assistance to struggling addicts without any charges or fees for their services. Several Canadian churches also offer sober-living housing to qualified individuals.

Addiction rehab treatment is a necessity in battling the alarming increase of substance abuse and dependence in Canada. The good news is that the aggressive efforts of the government and even private nonprofit groups have resulted in low-cost and no-cost rehab treatment today.


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