Top 10 Home Treatments For The Removal Of Skin Tags

Skin tags are the small, soft skin growths generally found in people with diabetes, pregnant women as well as folks who are obese or overweight. It is commonly known as achrochordon in scientific terms and can be defined as a benign, non-cancerous hanging skin growth. These skin tags are harmless and painless most of the time.

The skin tags are comprised of nerve cells, fat cells, fiber core, covered with epidermis and form on the part of the body where there are creases on the skin. These parts generally include armpits, eyelids, under breasts, groin, upper part of chest, neck. The color of the skin tag may appear from brownish flesh colored to dark pigmented skin. The size of the skin tags may vary from 2.5mm to 1cm in diameter or even 5cms in diameter.

Skin tags are usually affect the middle-aged people and the most common symptom is skin growth commonly occurred by the rubbing of skin. Although they are not harmful, people may want to get rid of these skin tags due to cosmetic reasons. Removing the big ones from your face or armpits let you feel comfortable while shaving without having fear to burst it out.

Skin tags can be removed by medical procedures or by natural home remedies. We’ve compiled a list of some natural and effective skin tag removal home treatments below:

1. Castor Oil: It can be consumed directly or used as an external ointment by adding a little baking soda and making a paste. If it feels stinky you can add some citrus oil to it. Apply this paste on the tag and cover it with bandaid. Repeat this for 2-3 weeks until the skin tag disappears.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar: It is very effective in skin tag removal. Apply a small dab of vinegar on cotton ball and apply it on the tag. It may give you a stinging sensation for few minutes. Regularly using for 2-4 weeks helps vanishing of the skin tag.

3. Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is the high source of citric acid which helps decomposing the cells in skin tags. Dab some lemon juice on a cotton ball and apply directly on the affected area and leave it till it dries off. Apply this remedy daily to find it vanished.

4. Fenugreek Seeds: This is an amazing herb containing powerful antioxidants. Soak Fenugreek seeds in water overnight and drink this water in morning before breakfast or even chew the seeds. This herb helps in avoiding thyroid conditions, anemia and an effective skin tag removal. Do not consume 1-2 tsp every day.

5. Garlic: Take some garlic cloves and crush them. Extract the juice from crushed garlic and apply this juice on the affected part and cover it with a band. Change this band thrice a day. Eventually the skin tag will dry up and fall.

6. Duct Tape: Apply the duct tape on the skin tag for 7-8 days. When you’ll remove the tape, the tag will drop off. This method is generally used in mole and warts removal

7. Vitamin E: Some people consider it as the most convenient way to treat for skin tag removal. Just rub the Vitamin E oil on the lesion twice a day and you’ll get the tag removed in 1-2 weeks. You can mix garlic juice with vitamin e oil for best results.

8. Compressed Air: In this process, compressed nitrogen air is applied on the skin tag. It eventually changes the color and fade out. But, there is a downside with this method, the process may result in freezing which may damage the surrounding tissues and lead to skin cells breakage.

9. Onion Juice: Soak sliced onion and salt overnight. Extract the juice from soaked onion and apply it on the affected area in the evening leaving it overnight. In the morning, rinse it off with warm water. Continuing this for 7-8 days will effectively help you in removing skin tag.

10. Nail Clippers: Yes, you can cut down these skin tags with scissors or nail clippers. This may cause bleeding and infection so, remember to sterilize the clippers and the surrounding area of the skin tag with the isopropyl. Make the skin numb with an ice-cube, pull the skin and cut away with clippers. Press the wound firmly with a sterilized gauze pad until bleeding ceases, then apply antibiotic.

So, these were some of the herbal home treatments to effectively remove a skin tag and naturally get rid of them.