4 Amazing Eye Makeup Tricks ToHide Droopy Eyelids And Make Your Eyes Look Beautiful

Are you frustrated because of your droopy eyelids, especially because you don’t understand how to make your eyes look beautiful, given those droopy eyelids? Don’t worry! Here are a few makeup tricks with which you can not only hide your flaw but offer your eyes that much desired killer instinct.

Droopy eyelids are an outcome of aging, tiredness and excessive stress and make your eyes look smaller than they should be. Visit Dr Naveen Somia for more details on cosmetic flaws and their correction.

The following makeup tricks take care that your eyes look bigger and less tired.

1. Take (Others’) Eyes Away from Your Lids

A person having droopy eyelids have their eyelids sagged over their eyes making their eyes look pretty heavy and that brings about the droopiness. In that case, your main aim should be to make the droopiness unnoticed or less noticed.

You can do this best by using natural colours. Apply a nude colourfirst to the eyelids and then apply a medium brown colourto their outer portion and in the crease.

A brown shadow can also be used pointing towards the end of eyebrows and that will fill the total edge of your eyes.

You can even try something else. For example, try blue shadow to the corner of eyes to achieve a “>” shape. However, there should not be much of blue. Next you can also mix blue and brown colours together pointing towards your tear duct.

2. Accentuate Your Brows

If drawn correctly, your brows can change the look of your eyes completely. Actually, it’s tough to draw eyebrows correctly since they are dark, even much darker than your natural hair. Finding a liner pencil matching the colour of your eyebrows is pretty difficult, though you can find a powered eye shadow of that colour.

Use such a powered eye shadow for this purpose and apply a little using an angled brush. To make your brows look the most natural, apply shadow in short strokes.

But take care not to use too much of the powered shadow unless you want to have powered all through your face. Besides this, you can also apply a line of white eye shadow to your brows’ bottoms so as to highlight the brow.

3. Make Clever Use of Mascara

If you make a clever use of mascara, it can pull the total look together. Because of the eyelash curler, your lashes can be made look longer and thicker before you apply mascara.

A base coat of mascara can even be applied slowly to base of your lashes pulling them carefully through towards the tip of your lashes. Move your mascara wand gently from the side to side and that will prevent your mascara from clumping.

After this coat dries, you can apply the next coat to make your lashes look longer and even thicker.

4. Line the Top Lid

Putting eyeliner on the lower lash line is one of the biggest mistakes women make because that makes eyes look smaller.

Instead if you apply the black liner over the top of the upper lash, it can make your eyes pop and also wider. A gel liner and a liner brush work best in achieving an accurate line. If you are a newbie, you don’t need to do a crazy wing.

Try to draw the line as close to your upper lash line as possible, even so close that any space shouldn’t be seen between the lashes and eye shadow.

To achieve this, start with a very thin line near your tear duct and make the line more pronounced while you get closer to the edge of your eyes and the blue and brown shadow.

By visiting Dr Naveen Somia, you can know how to fix droopy eyelids in Bondi Junction for example. So, you shouldn’t be stressed and be relaxed because there are remedies for your droopy eyelids.