Know how Minbie bottle helps the Mums

Mums always worry about their kids, sometimes without any reason. But this is a mother’s nature to keep their baby safe and well, that promote this type of behavior. If a father takes care of the baby for a day he will be stuck in the simple task even when it comes to shopping for baby stuff. He will be thinking about minbie bottle where to buy it? What is baby food and which one is better?

But a mother knows it all. She knows what’s best for her baby and she makes sure that her baby gets it. Breastfeeding a baby is one of the biggest support a mother has to provide to her kid. But it can cause a little pain too. So, the minbie bottle supports the mother-baby bond through some special ways:

Baby’s natural instinct:

The minbie bottle is specially designed to imitate the generic nipples of a mother. Thus, creating a figment of the imagination in the kid that it is, in fact, their mother breastfeeding them.

Create a perfect Latch:

The shape of the bottle’s nipple is exactly the same as a mother’s and hence encourages an anti mastitis, comfortable and proper latch for breastfeeding. It strengthens the breastfeeding coordination between a mother and a baby. It also supports the baby’s control of the feed.

Natural Breastfeeding:

The natural breastfeeding technique is something that only a baby could tell. Well, if they could, we would know. But it’s not possible. So the minibie provides anti-colic, anti-reflux and instinctive breastfeeding motion analyzed through various experiments.  The anti-reflux valve responds to the baby’s feed demand and avoids spills.

Why is minibie better than some other method?

The other methods of breastfeeding mainly involve generic teats which train the bay’s mind to feed in a different manner than breastfeeding. That affects the baby’s ability to breastfeed and results in the taking over of the bottle.

But the minbie is made of soft and flexible silicone and has a shape that is like a mother’s nipple and provides easy flow to the milk. It creates an easy latch and reduces the air intake. A vent is also provided in the minbie to make the air float away from the milk.  The minbie can also help in conditions like tongue tie that makes it difficult for the kids to breastfeed. It also prevents lazy feeding habits.

If you are a mother, and looking for minbie bottle where to buy it. Then you can visit some website and can find it online if you are unable to find it in local shops.

Minbie really provides a high-quality breastfeeding experience to the baby and nurture their feeding stage. The minbie supports sucking ability of the baby and helps in the development of jaw- complex and digestion. The Minbie is a product that is a breakthrough among the baby products. It is unique, patented, premium quality and favorite choice by a mother to give their kid the natural breastfeeding experience.