A Baby Carrier Can Create A Physical Closeness And Eye Contact Between Parents And Their Babies

A Baby Carrier Can Create A Physical Closeness And Eye Contact Between Parents And Their Babies

People can recognise the perfect baby carrier for their child by some applying new techniques. The carrier must be made of pure materials  ( top quality materials ). People should always check the position of baby carrier. Beside this, they also check that the wide padded waist belt and wide padded shoulder stripes are available in the carrier or not. They should always check the comfort factor. It must be check the weight limit of the carriers  some people wants an additional pocket in the carrier. But it is not necessary as much as other things. The best baby carrier where all the properties we can found, is ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier.


This product is really soft. It has padded straps and it can give support the back of infant appropriately. This shoulder straps can decrease parent’s stress of the shoulder while carrying their babies. By this baby carrier the total weight of their baby can be distributed between people’s shoulder and hips. The children feel comfortable in this carrier. The manufacturer made this carrier in that way new born babies easily fit in this carrier. This carrier also provide hood which protect the baby’s head. The model no. is BCMNF14NL. The minimum weight of the product is 3.18 kg. The maximum weight of the product is 20.4 kg. This product is manufactured by ErgoBaby. The dimension of this product is 17.5×17.5×27 cm.

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Features and Details:

This product first came in the market on 5th June 2015. From the customer reviews we know that this is good carrier for babies i.e. 3.0 out of 5 stars. The features are:

  • This carrier is comfortable for parents. The total weight of baby is distributed between the hips and shoulders.
  • This carrier can provide three positions- front, back and hip.
  • The material which is used to make the carrier should easily compatible with the change of weather.
  • This carrier provides a front pocket where people can keep small necessary items.
  • This carrier provide our baby a natural and comfortable positions for a long time.


There are several drawbacks. These disadvantages are that it is expensive for middle class people. They cannot afford this because it is beyond their budget. This carrier does not protect front face i.e. chest position.


When people want to buy something is good for their baby. It is the best body carrier. It has a great price but it’s quality is very good. It is very good for our baby’s skin. These are available in the market in different colours. It’s price approximately above 10,000. It is very useful and comfortable product.