Is body sculpting the best choice for you?

Removal of body fat has been a long-time obsession of men and women across the globe, and throughout the years, various techniques have been developed to get rid of unwanted body fat at the fastest possible means. Surgical procedures, such as liposuction, have become useful in removing excess fats in target areas of the body, but due to changing needs and preferences of clients, alternatives to surgical fat reduction methods have likewise been conceptualized.

One of the most popular alternatives to surgical fat removal is body sculpting. Specifically focused on the belly, this minimally invasive procedure is done by means of a fibre optic guided laser that melts the fat and tightens the skin. Also known as core contouring, body sculpting has become a favourite technique since it concentrates on the belly, one of the areas where fat is hardest to remove.

Benefits of body sculpting

Body sculpting is preferred by various clients due to its convenience. It doesn’t require hefty injections and incisions, as it makes use of laser techniques to remove the belly fat. This technique is also faster to complete, its effects on the body are felt and noticed after a matter of days.

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For some clients, body sculpting has become a procedure of choice especially when they are in a rush to have a svelte figure within a shorter period of time. After one session, they can immediately slip into their intended outfit for a special occasion, particularly when they were not able to achieve their target figure using diet and exercise.

Another perk of this method is that stretch marks usually acquired through weight gain and appear on the belly are significantly reduced, as the procedure also helps tighten the skin. This is a big plus point for clients, as they get to enjoy firmer and smoother skin in addition to a flatter belly area.

Aside from targeting the belly area, body sculpting can also be done on other parts of the body in which fat is difficult to remove, such as the upper arms and the inner thighs. This spot technique enables client to speed up not only the achievement of their target body figure, but also to work on the problem areas of their body that cannot be effectively addressed by non-surgical fat loss and toning programs.

How long does the procedure take?

Body sculpting procedures are faster to complete compared to other fat reduction techniques. It usually takes up to an hour to remove the fat depending on the target area. However, it also requires up to three sessions to achieve desired results, and to maintain the effects of the procedure.

While proven effective, body sculpting also requires maintenance. Those who are really committed to achieve and maintain their desired body figure should follow-up the procedure with lifestyle changes, including diet and exercise.

It should be noted, however, that while it can be referred to as a quick fix to a better figure, body contouring can only be treated as a supplemental technique for weight loss.

Who are qualified for body sculpting?

In general, everyone interested to undergo body sculpting is qualified, so long as they are in good health. Certain considerations meanwhile are given to persons who have suffered from certain illnesses that may cause post-procedure complications.

Pregnant women are also not recommended to undergo the procedure as it may lead to adverse effects to their condition.

Eligibility to undergo body sculpting would have to be determined by the attending physician via a medical examination.

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Niagen – Natural anti-aging supplement

Niagen is one of the natural and proven supplements for boosting the NAD levels. This natural supplement is useful for reversing the aging, increasing muscle endurance and also improving mental focus as well as memory. The Niagen Anti-Aging Supplements are breakthrough supplement that is specially designed for on-going daily use. Actually, the niagen is a form of vitamin B3 that has anti-aging effect such as cognitive function, increasing energy and improving cholesterol levels without causing flushing. It has the ability to reduce the cellular age by up to 66% as well as improve the communication within your cells.

The niagen is a proprietary ingredient and manufactured by the ChromaDex. After manufacturing this product, the niagen is licensed by the third party companies such as Live Cell Research who encapsulate the supplement and wish to sell it. This anti-aging supplement reveals the dozens of results so it is offered through other companies. When you consume niagen of 250 mg dose, it can improve the communication between the mitochondria and the nucleus inside your cells. As a result, this niagen is claimed to offer the following benefits such as,

  • Prevent the cellular damage caused by the free radicals from occurring instead of addressing the damage.
  • It has the ability to support healthy cholesterol levels.
  • It also supports the cellular metabolism as well as improves the amount of energy in your body.
  • It can burns the fat naturally without restricting your diet or increase your exercise habits.
  • It helps to prevent the age-related brain degeneration by preventing the degeneration of axons and neurons.

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How does the niagen works?

The niagen can increase the NAD levels that help to restore the communication between the mitochondria and nucleus in every cell. This supplement optimizes the energy production as well as reduces the free radical production in a body. The great thing about Niagen Anti-Aging Supplements can be produced the sirtuins that are greatly responsible for slowing down the aging in the body cells. The increase in NAD levels can maximize the cellular health, optimize the mitochondrial function and also fuel the sirtuins activity.

The niagen supplement is very safe to use and it does not have any reported side effects. When you try this nicotinamide riboside compound, you just take one capsule each day in the morning on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. The main thing is do not taking refrigerated water because it will not impact its quality. Even this supplement is also recommended to take along with other health supplements like omega 3 fish oil, resveratrol and glucosamine and so on. However, this product is very good to use by anyone without the hassle and also able to do anything by the consumers.

Proven benefits of niagen supplement

Some of the proven benefits of using the niagen supplements are given below,

  • Improve the natural metabolism
  • Slow down and reverse the cellular aging
  • Increase the muscle endurance
  • Enhance cognitive function and brain power
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