How Melanotan works? Understand in Detail


Melanotan or MT-2 is the synthetic peptide, an analogue of natural hormone, which enhances melanocortin tan (production of the melanin through melanocytes that determines & makes it to tan), and reducing risk of the sun damage or other harmful outcomes of the solar radiation & solarium. Melanocortin is the polypeptide with hormonal activity, made in pituitary gland & stimulating the formation and release of the melanin by the melanocytes cells of our hair and skin, and pigmented layer of retina.

Melanocytes are the specialized skin cells, which produce melanin. And melanin is a pigment, which determines the skin color, eyes, hair, responsible for the protection against any damaging effects of the ultraviolet radiation, scattering the action as well as turning in heat. This tanning process in our body takes the place all along with production of the pigment in skin cells. And this pigment is produced by melanocytes situated in upper layer of your skin. The stimulation of melanocytes for producing melanin will be done by the hormone melanocortin. Tanning procedure is called melanogenesis in scientific circles. You can easily buy Melanotan 2 online at

How Does the Process Work?

Natural procedure of the skin cells melanogenesis generally runs as the protection against harmful effects of the UV radiation & protection of our skin cells from any kind of damage caused by the UV radiation. And Melanin can absorb the harmful UV rays & convert them in the harmless heat through the process known as ultrafast internal conversion. This particular feature allows you dissipate all harmful ultra-violet radiation, and converting this in heat and protecting your skin from the harmful UV effects, which in turn causes burns and destroys DNA of the skin cells, therefore causing melanoma. Melanotan-2 is the analog of natural hormone melanocortin to make melanin.


Results of Melanotan

Preparation will be characterized by the narrow action and offers:

  • Increases erection and libido (in 2 hours after first injection);
  • Suppresses appetite.
  • Noteworthy tan;

Dosage of Melanotan 2

Standard reception method implies taking one single Melanotan 2 dose in an amount of 1mg (calculation every kilogram isn’t required, as doses differ widely), begin with 250 mkg per day and within four days add other 250 mkg slowly. On fourth day increase this dose over 1 mg and stick to the level till desired tan gets achieved. There are supplements that will include Melanotan with the concentrated amounts for pigmentation of skin and boost of libido.

Essentials of vitamins and minerals in human body

Ensure that the supplement that you have chosen to consume has all types of vitamins that are needed by your body.

Vitamins are nothing but organic compounds containing carbon that every human body needs in small quantities. Some of them can be produced in the body itself and sometimes they are not enough. Your body needs some kinds of vitamins but it cannot generate on its own and in this case, you can get them from the food items that you eat.

The vitamin needs of every organism are not the same, the fact is dogs can produce a certain type of vitamins in their body, which is not possible by humans. So, man needs to take food items that contain such vitamins. It is not that vitamins can be only from the food but even sunlight offers one of its kinds to humans. One thing that you need to have in your mind is each vitamin has a different role and also you will need them in different quantities.

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There are 13 vitamins and they are vitamins A, B, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, C, D, E and K, and all these vitamins are either fat-soluble or water-soluble. From these two, fat-soluble vitamins are easy to store by the body than the other. When someone lacks these vitamins, he can tend to affect from disease easily. In this fast-food world, it is a fact that people are not getting enough quantity of vitamins, therefore taking supplements is good for you.


If you are living in an unhealthy lifestyle, then it is good for you to take some form of supplements which is a combination of several vitamins and minerals. When you make use of them, you can get the right dosage of vitamins, minerals and other things like antioxidants. The usana essential benefits you more by offering the optimal amount of nutrients by blending everything you need for leading a healthy life in fair quantity.

This way you can get all vitamins, minerals in precise quantity and so your body can take whatever things it wants and process it, thus making you strong than before. So this type of supplement can make you live in a good physical condition. Because of this so many doctors and other health providers suggest their patients make use of such types of tablets to make them stay safe and sound.

There is nothing great than a healthy, wholesome meal that contains all type of nutrients needed by the human. So, we can say an essential nutrient which your body cannot produce enough can be got from food and this type of supplement that you need to take in addition to food. Ensure that the supplement that you have chosen to consume has all types of vitamins that are needed by your body.