Wrist pain physical therapy

Wrist is a joint made up of eight small bones that are s in two rows between the bones in your hand and forearm. Pain in the wrist is a common condition. Thus, damage to any part of your wrist will cause pain. Wrist pain mainly occurs due to some injury or sprain in the hand. It may often caused by repetitive stress, kienbock’s disease gout, arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome (a syndrome which occurs when the median nerve gets pinched). Median nerve is the important nerve in the forearm. When the pressure on this nerve increases wrist pain develops. In this article you will find Wrist pain physical therapy techniques.

Symptoms accompanied by wrist pain

There are certain signs that are iften visible when any pain in the wrist develops.

  1. Sudden pain in the hand
  2. The hand may become red or swelling may appear
  3. Inflammation or swelling in the fingers
  4. Discomfort in holding objects or moving your hand
  5. Numbness, pain or tingling mainly during the night
  6. Stiffness of the wrist i.e. problem in bending or extending the wrist
  7. Pain may develop on the thumb side of the wrist

Risk factors

Wrist pain is not a major problem and can happen to anyone at any point of time but it can become a serious issue if you continue to perform certain activities with continued pain in the hand. These activities include:

  1. Constant physical work- Almost every activity involves the work of the wrist such as cutting hair, writing, typing, holding objects, cooking etc. If these activities are performed with painful wrist chances of risk will surely increase.
  2. Continuous participation in Sports activities-Wrist pain is common in those who are frequent sport players such cricket, volley ball, badminton, bowling, golf etc. The risk factors in them increase severely.
  3. Several diseases- Diabetes, obesity, pregnancy may develop risk of developing wrist pain.

Physical Therapy to cure wrist pain

Physical Therapy is a highly effective treatment to treat severity in wrist. A Therapist exercises will usually comprise of:

  1. Manual therapy-A therapist will perform manual techniques with his hands such as giving gentle massage to the tendons, slowly moving the joint movements, streatching wrist so that the wrist pain gets relief and your hand starts moving properly.
  2. Strengthening exercises-after determining the severity of the wrist pain, your physical therapist will guide to the therapies that are good for your hand. He will design a manual therapy for you which you can perform at your home easily when your therapist is not with you. He will also make you learn about certain stretching exercises that will alleviate the pain soon.
  3. Pain management- Right posture and movement of the hand is very essential for right health of the wrist. Your physical therapist will tell you what things you should do and things you should avoid during wrist pain. He may ask you to apply ice on the wrist to overcome the pain quickly depending on the type of pain.