Why Are Regular Eye Examinations Important For You?

Why Are Regular Eye Examinations Important For You?

Along with the adjustments in your prescription, an eye doctor can also assist you in the identification of various diseases like glaucoma and diabetes. As far as kids are concerned, an eye examination singapore helps to make sure that there is a development of a normal vision that is required by them for athletics and schoolwork.

How often should a person see an eye doctor? 

It is recommended that a person should get a routine eye check-up done in the time gap of two years regularly. This should particularly be followed by the ones who lie between the ages of 5 to 20 as this age group is commonly characterized by vision changes.

Many patients who are farsighted or nearsighted tend to experience changes in vision during the latter part of their lives. In case you are 60 or older, you should prefer to get an eye exam done on an annual basis as with such an age, problems related to eyes are very common.

It might be crucial to visit a doctor on a much more frequent basis in case you tend to experience the following:

  • Loss of vision or blurry vision
  • Flashing light in the eye
  • Small spots or eye floaters appear in the vision
  • Diagnosed with health issues such as high blood pressure, thyroid, or diabetes

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Why regular eye exams are considered important? 

Changes in vision are known to convey a profound effect on the daily life of a person, and the identification and treatment of such common eye-related issues are important. Along with this, a comprehensive eye examination coupled with pupil dilation helps to detect systemic conditions before a person even ends up experiencing any symptoms.

Some progressive diseases concerning the eyes do not tend to be apparent on an immediate basis; therefore, a person must get himself tested for their presence at the time of a regular eye exam. These might include:

  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Macular degeneration

What is a patient checked for by a doctor during an eye examination? 

An eye doctor will initially check for the following factors:

  • Color vision
  • Gross visual field
  • Visual sharpness
  • Eye muscle balance
  • Eyeglass prescription or refractive error

An eye doctor will then check the health of the iris and cornea of the patient with the help of a slit lamp microscope. With a check of eye pressure, the presence of risks associated with glaucoma can be determined.


Eat healthily, exercise daily, and pay regular visits to your doctor for checkups and eye examination singapore, and you will always be good to go. Uniformity in visits to an eye doctor is an important part of a healthy lifestyle regardless of the present ability to know about it.