What You Must Know About Sleep Apnea

Snoring is a joke to some people. To some it is just another reason to get irritated. Those suffering from this get embarrassed as well. However, sometimes snoring leads to more serious trouble. People who suffer from loud snoring sometimes suffer from sleep apnea. This is a common sleep disorder. Breathing stops and starts while sleeping when someone suffers from this ailment. There is another downside of this disorder. It can leave you exhausted throughout the day. Lisa Marie Cannon says that people who suffer from this disorder also suffer from frequent mood swings. Also, this disorder when left untreated can prove to be very dangerous to your health.

Very few know about this disorder. Those who know about the existence of sleep apnea, have sketchy idea about what it is. They know that it is related to sleep and breathing disorder. However, they don’t know how it occurs or what the causes of this disorder are. So, you might get the question thrown at you frequently – what causes this disorder. What indeed?

Sleep apnea is related to breathing troubles. It discontinues your breathing while you are sleeping. Those suffering from this spend a lot of time in light sleep. They don’t get to sleep deeply. Therefore, people who suffer from sleep apnea miss restorative sleep. This type of sleep is needed to be more energetic and to stay sharp mentally whole day long. Thus when you miss this sleep, you also miss to be productive the next day. Because, the breathing interruption occurs in sleep people usually don’t realize that they are suffering from some disorder. It takes someone to tell them about the snoring. Usually when others complain about the snoring problem, people realize that something is not right with them. However, they still don’t treat the snoring with proper care.


Sleep apnea causes sleeplessness. For this reason, it can lead to daytime sleeping which might affect your productivity. You might even face problem in your professional life if you fall asleep during working day. Those who are suffering from this long enough might experience depression. Loud snoring is the first symptom of this disorder. People have reported about choking, gasping and pauses in breathing during sleep. Some even wake up from sleep late at night trying to catch their breath. These are common symptom of sleep apnea.

Lisa Marie Cannon takes it upon herself to explain. She is a famous and experienced physician who has treated countless people. She thinks that when people get education about their health problems, they become aware of the need to get medical help. If you don’t know that the problems you are suffering from are serious, how will you get medical help? For this reason, Lisa runs a blog where she continuously writes about different types of health related issues. She writes about insomnia, asthma and sleep apnea. These are common disorders. Yet these can prove to be really dangerous when not treated properly. What you need to do is find the right physician who can help you find relief through proper medication, says Lisa.