Vaping: What You Need to Know

So this is it. You have finally decided to quit the habit for good and your friends told you that the best way to do it is by using an electronic cigarette. Now vaping is the act of inhaling vapor from an e-liquid through your e-cigarette. Unlike the traditional cigarette, e-liquids do not contain tobacco. Now the big man behind this amazing invention is Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist who made his father’s death an inspiration to help people stop smoking.

Now you have read the vaping guide, you have picked out your first box of E liquids with nicotine, and you have assembled your first e-cigarette set-up. Are you good to go? Maybe. But here are some things that you have to check first before you do your first puff.

E liquids with nicotine

The Checklist.

Electronic cigarettes it too DIFFERENT from the traditional cigarette. With a cigarette you need flame, but with e-cigs, no need for that. So instead of using a fire, let us figure out how to operate your brand new electronic cigarette!

  • The On and Off. Some e-cigarettes can be turned on and off. Obviously, if it’s off, you can’t produce vapor. Remember that most e-cigs are manually turned on. So you have to hit a button a couple of times. Read your manual and you’ll be okay. Follow the instructions.
  • What to do, What to do…! Now your e-cigarette is on, how do you produce vapor? You’re lucky if your e-cig is automatic. If not, it’s pretty simple. Just find that button to that you have to press. This will heat the liquid inside which will produce the vapor.
  • Do the Adjustments. As a rule of thumb, adjust your e-cigarette to the lowest setting. E-cigarettes are different from the settings so you would have to rely on the instructions that came with it. Once you start low, you can easily assess how it works, and if needed, move up gradually until you find the best set up. It is important to start in a low setting to make sure that taste-test first.
  • Keep it Loaded! Experiencing a dry hit is not something that you would want to experience just yet. So make sure that you have your e-cigarette loaded. Drying it out will ruin your cartomizer, coil, or wick. Make sure everything is properly saturated by filling it up regularly.

Smoking vs Vaping: The Differences

Now that you have tried your brand new e-cigarette, you must have noticed how vaping differ from smoking. I know you agree that these two have a lot of differences, but let’s go ahead and make it known to others.

  • Note the Obvious. With a cigarette, you know that you’re done when you’ve hit the butt. But with electronic cigarettes, there’s no indication. The only way to do it is to time your vaping breaks. Stop every five or ten minutes. Some will just take a couple of puffs and they’re done.
  • The Dead Battery. E-cigs are not like cigarettes that you can light up when it dies. When your battery is dead, you can’t do anything about it. Bring a spare battery with you all the time to avoid the hassle.

When you start vaping, people will notice. Not just that e-cig that you’re holding, but the vapor will draw a lot of attention. Some people will lift an eyebrow about it, but this is the best way to share what you know. If needed, explain what vaping is, and how it can help you. Who knows, you might encourage someone to do the same.