Top Reasons Why Celebrities Undergo Breast Augmentation

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons revealed that around 3 lakh women went for breast augmentation in the year 2011. Since then, there has been a huge upsurge in the market. News about celebrity breast augmentation is increasing its popularity in manifolds. Here are the top reasons why women choose implants.

Boosting their Self Esteem

Women are always conscious about their appearance and after breast augmentation;a huge increase in their confidence level is noticed. There was a study conducted at the University of Florida on breast augmentation patients between the age group of 21 and 57. The results showed a marked increase in self confidence after the surgical procedure took place. The confidence level was measured on Rosenberg scale and it showed the enhanced level from 20.5 to 24.9.

Disproportionate and Smaller Breasts

Micromastia is a condition in which girls breasts do not develop properly after puberty. There is no absolute definition at which you can check breast size because it depends on several other factors as well. It is seen in comparison with the body and a woman’s perception about it. In comparison with men, women care a lot about their looks and micromastia brings embarrassment to them. Breast implants can give them their desired figure and enhance their confidence level.

Asymmetrical Breasts

Many women have asymmetrical breasts due to uneven estrogen secretion in the body. This is also known as micromastia and to correct their looks they undergo surgical procedure.celebrity breast augmentation is much costly.

After Mastectomy

Women who undergo mastectomy because of breast cancer can regain their figure. In this case the breast reconstruction process takes place and this is more complex than simple argumentation. In this kind of surgery placement of an implant is there, but in addition to this, the surgeon has to reconstruct the nipple and areola.

Clothes Fit Better and You Will Look Younger

If a woman breast is below average, then the clothes will not look good. This will deteriorate the self-image. On the other hand, breast size will make the clothes more appealing, this will improve the quality of life.

With advancing age women notice sagging in their breasts and in most of the cases they get smaller. In this situation breast augmentation will give their breast a lift and this will restore the younger looks.

After Pregnancy

Women gain weight when they are pregnant and then losing baby weightdecreases the breast size. They usually get smaller after pregnancy when a woman loses body weight. This is the time when they can choose for breast implants, this will not create any kind of impact on their ability to nurse their baby.

Boost their Sex Life

Brazilian cosmetic surgeon Paulo Guimaros conducted a study on those women who underwent implant. It was noticed that they experienced higher levels of sexual satisfaction and arousal. His study reveals that a significant increase in the quality of sexual well-being was noticed.

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