Top Five Reasons Why Rooibos Tea Must be on Your Tea Shelf

For a newbie tea drinker, the wide-ranging varieties to choose from may seem a bit overwhelming. Most beginners choose green tea since it does not taste strong and offers tons of health benefits. However, if you are still looking for other tea options that give you the same amount of health benefits, then be sure to try the rooibos tea.  This drink originated in South African, also known as red bush tea.  Just recently,  rooibos tea has started to gain popularity to various tea drinkers in different parts of the world.

Do you still need more reasons to try rooibos tea?  The followinglist has some details about its health benefits:

  1. Rooibos helps you avoid diabetes – As per research conducted by South African experts, rooibos is showing a great potential in countering diabetes because of its glucose-moderating effects. According to a study from Japanese researchers; aspalathin, an antioxidant which can be found in green rooibos, can help muscle cells in using glucose more effectively. This antioxidant also maintains your normal blood sugar levels.
  1. Rooibos contains cancer-protective antioxidants – this drink contains powerful antioxidants like aspalathin and nothofagin that are well known to have a strong cancer-fighting effects. These two compounds guard our body cells from oxidative stress and damage.


According to research conducted by Stellenbosch University in April 2014, it shows that people who loves the outdoors and are frequently exposed in the sun should consider using skin-care products with rooibos extracts. It is because rooibos extract helps preventing the development of skin cancer. Rooibos also has the ability in delaying the development of any malignant tumors. Because of these health benefits, the rooibos tea has been named as the “leading source of natural anti-cancer chemicals” by Cancer Association of South Africa.

  1. Rooibos contains tons of minerals – this tea contains magnesium – a very important mineral that can help improve your nervous system. Rooibos tea also has calcium and manganese that are well known for aiding strong teeth and bones. Rooibos tea even has zinc that improves immune system and metabolism. By drinking this tea, you’ll also get iron, a mineral that is helping blood and muscles which send oxygen to your body cells that need it.

Also, rooibos has lesser amounts of tannis as compared to other teas. This is great news since less tannis only means that your body will absorb more iron.

  1. Rooibos is ideal for improving liver and digestive system – when a fatty disease develops in your liver, it can be a potentially serious problem in your health. It can lead to fat accumulating in your liver cells and damaging the liver tissue to regenerate. Also, rooibos is effective in aiding diarrhea and stomach cramps. The reason is that, rooibos has flavonoids which bring a calming effect on your digestive system.
  1. Rooibos helps stop risks of dementia – This beverage helps your thinking to be sharp. In case your family has a history of Alzheimer’s disease, now is good start to prevent it from developing by drinking rooibos tea.

Another good reasons to drink rooibos tea is it is good for the skin and it believes to prolongs fertility. Conduct a little more research online and you will find endless reasons to love this beverage. If you want to stock this super-food in your tea shelf, be sure to browse online through Tealy’s shop for a wide selection of premium products.