Things to be aware in terms of pregnancy kicks

Once you reach 28 weeks of pregnancy the doctors are going to advise you to keep track of the baby kicks. With a kick counter wristband you can prepare a comprehensive chart about baby kicks. In a couple of hours the baby is expected to kick around 10 times. If intensity in kicks is reduced it could point to the following issues

Nutritional problems

The physical or emotional state of the mother does have an impact on the mother. If lack of nutritional supply is witnessed it can lead to lack of proper development of nervous system or the brain which could reduce your fetal state. It is suggested that you drink a lot of water in order to feel the movement of your little one.

Placenta abruption

It would restrict the flow of oxygen and flow of blood to the foetus hindering its development.

Fatal Hypoxia

This would be a condition when your umbilical cord would get tweaked or twisted. The reason being it would cut off the supply of oxygen to your baby.

With an ultrasound or a stress test you can figure out the heart movements along with reduction of fetal movements.

No reason to panic if frequency of kicks reduces during the last stages of pregnancy

Babies are going to rest in the womb of a mother for 30 minutes and this could even stretch to 90 minutes at a single go. But once they do grow in size rolling and movements does become difficult in the later stages of pregnancy. It is an obvious size that the number of kicks is going to reduce. At this point of time you are going to witness painful kicks that might emerge under your ribs. There would be jerking that would go on to last for a few minutes. With a pregnancy kick counter it is easy to figure out kicks of your baby.

The fatal movement does go on to point future behaviour of your little one

As per studies the behaviour of a baby inside the womb would be an ample indicator on how the baby is going to  behave in the future. But this does not seem to be the only criteria for the behavioural development of your little one. There are some other questions that you need to figure out in terms of pregnancy kicks

When would be the exact time frame when you are going to witness pregnancy baby kicks?

The first movements of your little one could be felt around 18 weeks of pregnancy. This would go by the name of quickening. If it is your first pregnancy you might witness movements around 20 week of pregnancy  but if it is your second pregnancy it could be as early as 16th week of pregnancy. Once the pregnancy proceeds the movements also go on to change which might even be as high as 45 movements in an hour.

The key is to take stock of any noticeable changes in baby movements and report it to your health care provider.