The Expectations of a Nurse in a Nursing Home

Nursing home articles

The demand for quality nursing homes is expected to grow more than 500 percent over the next 8-10 years. As more and more long-term care facilities open their doors to communities across the country, the need for skilled health professionals will increase proportionally. If you are a CNA, LPN, or RN member, consider the benefits of working in a nursing home or long-term care facility. Nursing homes, being the fastest growing part of the healthcare industry, offer opportunities for career advancement and increase earning potential. Before you start applying for such a position, you need to understand what to expect in the work environment. Decide if this type of work is right for you and start a meaningful and fulfilling career.

Nursing assistants must be in good physical condition and able to perform physical work

All nurse aides should be able to work while standing. Long-term care facilities have to rely on more intensive work than hospitals. The main reason these positions are more intense is because most people on long-term treatment need help getting around. CNA will help lift and carry patients, as well as take baths and change bedding while they are busy. If you are a CNA, it is important that you understand that the CNA has to deal with hard work and stressful working conditions. Stress and high workload are the main reasons why staff turnover in nursing homes is so high. Many long-term care facilities will increase salaries to encourage nursing assistants to stay as the demand for CNAs increases.

Nursing home articles

Registered Nurses and LPNs

Although CNAs are responsible for lifting heavy objects, RNs and LPNs can perform these tasks if a helper is not available. While the job seems daunting and many people think Nursing home articles and long-term care facilities are depressing, many nurses walk into this atmosphere and never want to leave. Nurses who have been in long-term care for over a decade say their work has become their passion. One of the main reasons nurses and nurses’ love working in nursing homes is because they are part of an interdisciplinary team made up of social workers, physical therapists, nutritionists, managers, activity leaders and many more.

Another reason CNA, RN, and LPN find passion in nursing homes is because of their residents. When you deal with patients who live in the area, you can build relationships with them. This connection is what keeps nurses on track. While bonding can be difficult in some situations, the friendships you form will leave memories for a lifetime.

Nursing home nurses should be compassionate and knowledgeable. If you are looking for a stable opportunity that can change your life, consider the benefits of applying for a nursing home job.

There are laws for one and all. They were introduced to protect the person … so if you are an elderly person and wondering, the laws for the care of the elderly?  Then ask for help and support. There will come a time when you need a nursing home if there is no one at home to take care of you. There is also home care where a team of nurses can visit you at home depending on your needs and what you may request. So go through all of your options before you end up in a situation you don’t like. Seniors deserve the very best care.