The Best Doctor on Facebook

It is not the best doctor on Facebook concerning medical skills, It is a contest held by Faculty of Medicine forum, the best medical forum on the web for verified doctors and medical students worldwide, Faculty of Medicine forum has more than 9 Million visitors yearly and 1.4 Million Facebook followers, It is a well-known forum for all doctors and medical students everywhere cause it is an open discussion forum with thousands of medical articles, medical cases…etc. that can be added by any verified doctor.

Faculty of Medicine Forum organized  a contest for doctors everywhere in the world, every doctor was asked to upload his/her photo with a stethoscope or white lab coat inside a hospital or a clinic, then these photos were uploaded by the forum and the doctor who could collect the highest number of likes get a prize money.

The contest was held few months ago, and it went viral on Facebook and other social networks, millions of people where participating and engaging with it, more than 900 verified doctors from more than 50 countries uploaded their personal photos, verified doctor means that the doctor has to send a verification like a graduation certificate or a medical license to the forum so they make sure all participants are real doctors and to exclude all fake doctors.

The winner of this contest was an Egyptian female doctor called Dr Sarah Jaber as she collected 6.700 likes in just few days while Dr Laura Kassing from Germany got the 2nd place with 5.900 likes which is still a huge number, 3rd place was for Dr Ahmed Bolbol Ramadan from Egypt, 4th place was for AbdelrahmanWaly from Egypt, 5th Place was for Dr.Daryl Ann SteffanieTorralba from Philippines, 6th place was for DrShein Lin Oo from Myanmar.

Faculty of Medicine announced that they have received thousands of messages from doctors who couldn’t join the contest asking for a new one so they are going to make a new contest in 2018, with a possibility to include other healthcare professionals, nurses and medical students in the upcoming contest.

Faculty of Medicine also announced that they have some surprises for their fans that may include creating a new social network for verified doctors in addition to the current forum platform, medical quizzes platform and healthcare jobs platform.