Silicon Hair Treatment

These days,  many people face,hair loss, it has become a major issue and now we fear even at the thought of hair loss. Hair makes us look beautiful it adds to our personality so people always try to make it look better and then who would like to lose such precious hair? Now-a-days you find promotion of hair oils, shampoos, and other products and treatments related to hair which assures you of beautiful, strong and silky hair.

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We all like to have long, beautiful and strong hair don’t we? One of the ingredients that can give some excellent result is anything but an organic molecule , it is in fact an organic molecule known as silicone. It is also renowned as asdimethicone or cyclomethicone. Since long back silicon has been used as one of the fundamental components in cosmetics of the hair and skin.

What is Silicone Hair Treatment?

There are many treatments available today that can help you get back your healthy beautiful hair, one of the most popular method in practice is Silicon hair treatment. It is a deep conditioning treatment which provides shine and smoothness into the hair. It gives shine to your hair due to its   highly refractive nature apart from that it also provides a long lasting protective coating for the hair as it acts as a lubricant, sealant and barrier to moisture loss.


Silicone Hair treatment helps hair to look healthy and remain detangled. When coated with silicon the hair endings are glossy and unharmed, it also grasps the humidity in the hair and provides protection from heat.  Silicones help in the unhibited distribution of heat to hair fiber which is useful when the hair is administerd to styling artistry tha make use of heat;not only it protects hair but also retains the color of hair that has undergone color treatment.

Apart from all these Hair silicone system a popular method also helps in hair re-growth, it is a non-surgical treatment which is suitable for partial baldness. Being the most effective treatment for partial baldness, it is preferred by many, it is a non-surgical and nearly a painless procedure. As compared to hair transplant this method helps to gain proper density and volume to the hair.

There are two types of silicone products:

  1. Water- insoluble- This products don’t get washed away with water hence they coat the hair and form deposits. This will help you get a frizz free hair.
  2. Water –soluble- This products are easier to wash with water e.g.-(dimethiconecopollyol and PEG-modified dimethicone)

What are the advantages of Silicone Hair Treatment?

As each and every treatment this treatment also has both advantages as well as disadvantages.

  • It helps you to get healthy hair which is smooth, shiny and has a miniaturized frizz.
  • It smears the hair with a film thereby providing lustrous texture to the hair.
  • It adds volume to the hair
  • The texture of the hair becomes mushy.
  • Combing and detangling the hair becomes easier,
  • Nutrients are passed into the shaft of the hair follicle with the help of silicon.
  • It also helps to seal the moisture in the hair.



What are the disadvantages of Silicon hair products?

There are many positive points of Silicon Hair treatment which would help your hair look more beautiful but like many other treatments it also has some disadvantages. The disadvantages in long run are as follows:-

  • Silicones which help to absorbsthe moisture by coating the hair are very hard to wash out.
  • Water dissolvable silicones can be drained away however there is aaccumulation of such silicones in the hair. No other product such as oil, water, nutrients, protein etc can enter the root of the hair, while the hair is coated with silicone.
  • Only shampoos having sulphates can help wash away water- insoluble products.
  • Long term harm can be caused to thehair if water- insoluble silicones are present in the hair.
  • Long term deposits of water –insoluble silicones in the hair results unmoistedness and breaking of the hair.
  • Usefulness of water–insoluble silicone hair products gives a greasy look to your straight and wavy hair.
  • Using concentrated silicone products can put a lot of substance on the hair.

How effective is Silicon Hair Treatment?

Silicone hair treatments though provide only temporary effects and benefits,however with proper planning and retreatments you can pro long the benefits. It is advisable not to undergo these treatments more frequently than is suggested.

Silicon hair treatment is also suitable for people with coarse, ethnic and curly hair. This treatmentprovides shine and volume to the hair and also restores the suppleness and moisture of the hair, which would protect the hair from damaging further.  Hence Silicon treatment has proved effective in getting, shin, beautiful and healthy hair.