Side Effects of taking Anavar

Anavar, a secondary name for Oxandrolone, is an anabolic androgenic steroid that helps you in achieving the desired result with least possibility of side effects to occur. Oxandrolone side effects are probable but are subject to minimization with the tides of time. If they are taken as recommended, then the risks of side effects are eliminated itself. If any sort of symptoms are noticed, it is needed to be consulted to the doctor as soon as possible. The major side effects which could be noticed as a result of consumption of Anavar are discussed in this article. It will help you to understand the symptoms and treat them accordingly. Yet these same professionals see steroids gradually killing patients when these drugs are abused by the individuals without taking them as directed. Synthetic steroids, referred to as anabolic steroids or androgenic steroids are known and used in the weight lifting and sports arena, however not all athletes use steroids. In the 1980’s the consumption and trade of Anabolic steroids were banned by FDA considering all the dangerous side effects and the interference it caused in sports competitions.

Anavar can cause accelerated hair loss for men carrying the gene for male pattern baldness. Other side effects include acne-like bumps and an increase in bad cholesterol and a drop in good cholesterol levels. There are rare associations with harmful side effects, but when those occur they are serious. Anavar cycles are not for men who have a history of cardiac disease, heart attacks, strokes, or hypertension. Arterial disease increases with the use of Anavar since it causes a negative shift in cholesterol levels. Despite all of these precautions, Anavar has a very low impact on the body.

Side Effects of taking Anavar

Several side effects noticed from long-term use of steroids are irreversible. Even the adverse effects from one steroid cycle can cause permanent damage. One needs to think thoroughly about the ramifications and advantages before taking either group of steroids. Oxandrolone side effects present less risk than other steroids, but are still a serious concern for bodybuilders. Anavar displays fewer, serious side effects, but there is still a lot of risk compared to taking natural alternatives to get results that don’t cause any side effects.

Some common side effects include High Blood Pressure; High cholesterol levels, increasing risk for heart disease and stroke; Kidney damage; Liver damage; Heart failure; Negative behaviour changes such as, angry outbursts and violent behaviours; Serious skin problems; Interference with normal vital organ function; Decreased sperm count; Body swelling; Weight gain; and Women who overuse steroids may begin to take on some male characteristics.

The positive uses of Anavar pills include fat loss and an increase in cellular protein synthesis. Cellular protein synthesis means that the body can produce new muscle cells or repair injured muscle cells. Anavar is not noted as a bulking drug. It does not cause the body to produce new muscle cells. It only allows the body to produce amino acid chains and protein chains faster. With many other steroids, the impact on naturally produced hormones is greater.


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