Side effects of exposing ourselves to emf radiation over years

There are nearly no electronic devices that doesn’t emit electromagnetic radiation. From smartphones to laptops, computers, tablets and much more which also can have the sim and signals to it and can access the internet if you have opted to receive internet connection. By now, we should atleast know something about how these radiations will affect the human body over years. Read emf and dementia to know how a radiation can make a lot of changes to the human body very easily.

emf and dementia

If you haven’t heard about some of the side effects of this emf radiation, then read this article below to know what are they.

  • Almost every one of the individuals in this world are getting exposed to this radiation either knowingly by themselves or caused by other people. Even though you need not want to use mobile phones for this factor, the people living around you will however use these devices regularly which will cause the same effects that you will get affected by when you use it by yourselves. Whatever be the device you are using, its process of catching the signals involve a lot of energy thus the device will get heated up by the emission of this radiation in more amounts. This heat may not seem to affect you more but there will occur a lot of changes in the specific area which got exposed to the radiation for a long period of time.
  • First of all, the radiation will affect the outer skin of the body causing some rashes or any boils as a indication for the emission of over heat from the device. Then it will start affecting the tissues of the body and then the cells also. It will create oxidative stress in the normal cells of our body because of the destruction of antioxidant properties of the cells through this harmful radiation. This oxidative stress will give rise to the growth of abnormal cells called as cancer cells which will grow uncontrollably and destroy the normal healthy cells. It seem to greatly affect the brain itself causing lots of nerve damages too as a result. Try to take foods that contain more antioxidants if you seem to live in such places where the emission of harmful emf radiation is more than we could expect. In addition to all the above mentioned problems to be produced in the human body because of this radiation, one will get to know the relationship between emf and dementia and how both of these are related with one another. Try to use any of these devices under control to avoid any such kind of problems in future.

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