Shatters: One of the Best Ways to Experience Cannabis

Medicinal Uses of Cannabis

If you’re an avid Marijuana user, you may be well-versed when it comes to identifying the different Marijuana products today. And ever since Canada legalized weed, in all shapes and forms, Marijuana became an essential part of everyone’s life. Most people use Marijuana for medical purposes, while recreational users love using Marijuana to experience that high. And because of that, they develop a high tolerance, which leads them to try more potent Marijuana products like cannabis extracts like shatters, budders, and so much more. One of the best extracts is the shatter canada, where you can purchase it at Just Cannabis.

Just Cannabis is an online Marijuana store in Canada that’s selling different kinds of Cannabis products. You’ll find Indica, Sativa, Hybrid flowers, Edibles, Weed Vapes, Cannabis Extracts, and many more. Under extracts, they have shatters, which is a very popular choice among Marijuana smokers because you get to experience high THC levels. It’s the kind of extract people with high-tolerance for THCs are looking for.

Medicinal Uses of Cannabis

Giving You a Good-Quality High Like No Other

There are many reasons why one would choose to smoke Shatters. These thin pieces of glass-concentrates are packed with high THC levels, between 60%-80%, that could get you lifted in just one hit. Some would even say that it helps them save on their flowers and buds because these are already potent enough to keep you wasted all day long. Also, you can smoke Shatter without using the plant itself if you hate the taste of the buds. Some would even say it’s better than smoking the flower and is more refined than other cannabis oils.

The more you smoke Shatter, the more you realize that the high is more consistent and lasts longer than smoking the plant. That’s because, during the process of making Shatters, about 90% of THC is extracted from the plant itself. This makes Shatters a definite go-to by recreational users who want to get high throughout the day.

How to Use Shatters for Dummies

Shatters are one of the most popular among the many cannabis oils. It looks like honey when melted and a honey-hued glass when in solid form. When it comes to fast-acting and long-lasting, this is the concentrate you should be using. There are many ways for you to take shatters. You can do the dabbing technique, smoking it, adding it to your food, and vaping it.

Dabbing is when Shatter is vaporized using a heat source. Vaping is similar to dabbing, but a heat source inside the vape evaporates the Shatter. This is also a more discreet way to take Shatters. You can even smoke it like in the old days, where you can add it to your joint. Lastly, edibles are the best way for food-lovers to take Shatter. All you need to do is to melt Shatter in oil and add it to your food or drinks, and you already have a THC-infused edible!