Sensory Integration Therapy and equipment

About Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration is an important function of our body. It is a process which helps us in receiving information with theaid of our senses, organise the information and further use the same for participation in the routine activities.

Sensory processing disorder

Though sensory integration is a typical process of our body, some people may find difficulties with the process due to an underlying issue. This situation is called as sensory processing disorder. It is a condition in which brain finds difficult to respond and receive any information coming through senses. The problem is identified early in life. Children with thesensory issue are generally oversensitive to sounds, smells, sights, flavours and other inputs.

Sensory Integration Therapy

The sensory Therapy is aimedfor people who have processing information coming from various senses. It helps kids by giving them exposure to sensory stimulation repeatedly in a structured way. It works on the theory that the repeated exposure will make the brain adapt various senses and help kids to react to the sensations quite efficiently. The sensory touch differs significantly from child to child.

Different types of Sensory Therapy

The sensory therapy is given by occupational therapist. The treatment would require certainequipment which can help in enhancing the sensations of the child. One can buy sensory therapy equipment from online shops very easily. There are various portals which sell physiotherapy products at affordable prices.

Sensory Products at Discounted Price

Different types of therapy are given as follows:

  • For children who enjoy feeling of little sticky texture, the therapist offers them materials like dough, glue, stickers, sticky tape and rubber toys.
  • For tactile sensation,the therapist uses materials like rice, sand, water and beans.
  • For kids who are oversensitive to touch will go through brushing program which is aimed at desensitising children to feel. The therapy would include brushing the body of children at regular intervals.
  • Children with autism are given overall firm pressure with the help of weighted blankets and weighted belts. This can also be done with the help of firm hugs and squashed by pillows, mattresses, tunnels and tents.
  • The therapist would be aware of the child’s response to thesmell of the substances and will try to experiment with different fragrances by putting them in dough or rice.
  • For sound sensory processing, the therapist will experiment with talking toys and computer games, squeaky toys and musical instruments. Clapping, repeating phrases, rhymes and tongue twisters can also help.

Here is a list of sensory therapy equipment:

  • Tactile balls and toys
  • Textured puzzles/ books
  • Textured materials/ walls
  • Vibrating toys/ mattress/ pillows
  • Stuffed animals
  • Surgical brushes
  • Vibrating toys
  • Vibrating seats/ recliners/ chair/ mats
  • Vibrating oral products like teeth
  • Vibrating toothbrush/ hairbrush
  • Wigglers, squishy balls, koosh balls
  • Water and sand table
  • Bumble Ball
  • Textured bean bags
  • Tactile mats
  • Push toys
  • Weighted backpack
  • Vibrating pen
  • Net Climber
  • Lycra Blanket
  • Squeeze toys
  • Rapper Snappers
  • Weighted neck and lap wraps/ pads.

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