Recipes can be Scrumptious without Oil!

It is an undeniable reality that oil is an important part of food, cuisines, eatables and snacks. But what if you could manage about oil? Yes, you can prepare scrumptious and healthy dishes in the absence of oil. Whether you’re grilling, baking, sautéing, braising or frying, most of the cooking methods require you to make use of cooking oils for taste, flavour and nutritional value.

In almost every grocery store, cooking oils are omnipresent. There are shelves andaisles brimming with unending bottles, covered in multicolour labels and exciting packaging, bragging about their different health and nutritional benefits. It is tough to walk past and not pick up an oil bottle packed with Omega and vitamins. It is equally challenging to imagine cooking in their absence because most of the recipes encompass a kind of oil on the list of ingredients. But what if you get Zero oil recipe in Hindi for your cooking? Don’t you think you should give such a recipe a try? Come on, you cannot decide that a dish without oil is going to be tasteless or not that attractive when you haven’t tried one.

Should you omit oil?

There is different oil available in the market and the interesting part is that each oil package has something to tell about its exclusive health benefits. However, but even with increasing lists of healthier options, the fact still is there that everyone hasconsumed an abundant amount of oil and one needsto rid them from his or her kitchens and diet too.

To cook without oil may come as a mind-baffling idea, mainly to the ones who have never considered it. But it cannot be overlooked that this is an idea that comes with a countless of benefits. It is completely possible to prepare your meals without oils by picking to use water, vegetable broth or kitchen appliances such as air fryers.

Can dishes go without oils?

If you look at the benefits of preparing food without oil from a nutritional point of view, you will see that you can do without it in your recipes. Most of the oils are high in fat, sodium andconcentrated calories. These are the three chief things one doesn’t need in his or her bodies. One can easily get all the wholesome nutrients one needs,without empty calories, from natural, plant-based diet.

One of the most prominent advantages of preparing food without oil is the amount of needless added fats you shall be eliminating from your food items. In case you are working on losing weight or managing a healthier heart, you do not require the fat from oils jamming up your arteries and decelerating your weight loss procedure. You know, cooking oils are packed with soaked fats that raise cholesterol degrees in your blood.


So, if you are convinced to try your hand on zero oil snacks recipes in Hindi, go ahead and do it with a smile. After all, these recipes will not make you compromise on taste or flavour!