Reasons Why Texas Wishes to Prohibit the Use of CBD Oil Products

Reasons Why Texas Wishes to Prohibit the Use of CBD Oil Products

Cannabinoids (CBD) oil is becoming popular in the United States for its medical benefits. Suddenly it is everywhere. With its popularity, its legality is in question because after all, it is an extract from cannabis, which is illegal. It is crucial that you check first your state’s regulation when it comes to CBD oil before securing one.

What is CBD oil exactly?
CBD is found in the cannabis plant. It is then processed to become oils, which is called CBD oils. The oils can be used in different ways

Is it marijuana?
CBD is a compound found in marijuana. You have to know that marijuana contains delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD. Of the two, the most active ingredient in marijuana is THC. THC is popular for giving a “high” if introduced in the body through cooking or smoking. CBD, on the other hand, is not mind altering. In fact, many people believe that it can affect the body positively.

What are the medical benefits of CBD oil?
It was mentioned that CBS is known for its many health or medical benefits. According to some users, CBD can effectively relieve pain caused by inflammation. CBD has a great potential in treating and reducing chronic pain. Aside from that, CBD has also potential in the treatment of people wanting to quit smoking as well as those with anxiety, mood symptoms, insomnia, and pain. In fact, researchers also study its potential to fight cancer, Type 1 diabetes, epilepsy and mental health disorders. There are many potentials but more research should be conducted to understand how it really affects the body and how it works.

CBD oil for sale

Where is it available?
You can find CBD oil for sale online. If you want to buy, be sure that your state legalized CBD use so you won’t get into trouble.

Why Texas wants to ban CBD oil?
The legality of CBD will depend on which city you are residing at. Keep in mind that CBD oil is legal in twenty-nine states for medicinal purposes. Adding to that, there are seventeen states that have specific laws about CBD. For states with restrictions of CBD oil, it is clearly laid out the acceptable THC levels and use. In the case of Texas, there are people who want to ban CBD oil. Some of the reasons include:

•The medical claims were not backed by research: It was mentioned that it could relieve symptoms of different disorders even reduce the pain but further studies should be conducted. It is important that whatever you are taking has proven scientific claims so you will know that it is really working.

• Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) does not regulate it: FDA does not regulate or approve CBD oil for the treatment of any condition. With this, it is difficult to ascertain whether the product contains a safe level of CBD or whether the packaging states the truthful contents of CBD oil.

•Side effects and risks should be considered: There are no clear studies that thoroughly explored the side effects of CBD including the risks. Some noted tiredness, diarrhea, weight loss and changes in appetite. But these are not investigated.

•CBD is frequently mislabeled: Since CBD oils are not approved and regulated by FDA, there is no way of knowing which products have the safe production practices and right labeling.