Quick Ways To Pass A Drug Test In 2 Weeks

Drug Test

The examination at work is in 2 weeks and you’re still on the pipe? Do you need to find a safe way to pass the test quickly? Don’t worry, you have plenty of options available, you just need to learn all about the problem.

Most employers do the urine or the follicle test. These are the two most sure ways to track drug use and prove that some of the workers have been taking drugs while going to work. If you come out positive on the it, this will mean you have to say your position goodbye and start looking for a new job. Of course, you won’t get a good recommendation knowing that you’ve been sacked because of drug use.

All this say you simply must get a negative test by all means necessary. There’s no negotiating, you’re lives on the line here. In this article, you’ll be able to read a little more about the types of examination processes and how to trick them and come out negative. Read on and learn more!

Drug Test

Types of tests

As we said, employers’ practice two types most of the time. The urine and the follicle option. The urine test is the most popular. It is able to provide results for many health conditions, but it also provides results of drugs that passed the system.

It is able to show drug usage for up to 30 days of the last consumption. Some drugs have a shorter half-life and it’s harder to track them down while others stay in the system longer and it’s easier to be fund.

The follicle test is the second most popular. It is able to provide a drug screen for up to 90 days from the last consumption. Even though this is an option that gives better results, the employers are not using it too often. See some of the main differences between these here.

How to pass them both in short notice

When you have less than 2 weeks to get ready for the test, you don’t have too many options. You must do anything in your power to make sure the results will be negative. The problem with the regular way is that it always needs around 2 weeks to get cleaned. Still, no one can guarantee that you’ll be drug-free and pass by doing only some of the detox programs. Instead, you’ll need to undertake a more serious approach.

How to surely pass the urine test in short notice

You can actually do drugs at all time and still pass the urine test. How? By simply faking it. All you have to do is switch the sample you’re supposed to provide the lab technician with a fake pee sample.

There are more options on the market and a lot of brands providing this service. You can find it by searching for the best synthetic urine for passing a urine test. This is a great deal because the synthetic urine resembles the real one with 100% accuracy. How is this possible? Because it is made with the exact same ingredients as the original human by-product.

It consists of the same amount of water, proteins, sugars hormones, and other particles. The only thing missing inside is the toxins you’re trying to get rid of. This is why you shouldn’t worry about passing and getting a negative result – you surely will as it is impossible to get another one.

The only thing you should worry about is the process of providing the sample to the officials. The sample must look, smell, and feel exactly like the original. This means you have to read the instructions on the product and follow them exactly. If there’s just one small thing lacking, the lab practitioner might get suspicious and ask you to take another sample which will surely result in a disaster.

This solution is perfect and probably your only choice but only if you follow instructions. Actually, don’t take your drug test until reading this – as it is a detailed explanation of the way you should do the test.

Drug Test

How to pass the follicle test in short notice

The hair follicle examination is much harder to fake. It’s basically impossible to switch samples as the urine option, so you must do something else.

What people do when they have enough time to deal with this problem is to get a special detox shampoo and rinse their hair for around 2 weeks. However, this is not something you can call a sure way to deal with it because heavy users will need a little more time and the results might still come out positive.

There is, however, one solution that can speed up the process. It’s called a macujo method. This is a way better way and it provides sure results. What you’ll need for this are four substances – vinegar, aloe rid detox shampoo, pink clean and clear solution, and Tide detergent.

First, you put the vinegar and you rub the scalp with it. You make sure it gets deep inside the skin. After this, you should put the pink clean and clear which is basically a skincare product that will help the vinegar open the pores of the skin and get it ready for the shampoo.

After 30 minutes of this process, you need to wash your head with Aloe Rid shampoo which is the best solution for getting rid of drugs. When this is all done perfectly, you should once more wash it off with the Tide detergent. This makes it sure you are clean. Alternatively, you can also check additional information about passing a drug test for coke using this link: https://medium.com/@roobbthorsten/how-to-pass-a-hair-follicle-test-for-coke-6aed8f3b1f44

What you need to know is that before doing the procedure you must stop taking drugs. Do this procedure for 10 days in a row and make sure you do the same before the day of the testing. Your hair will probably get damaged along the way, but don’t panic, this is just a better proof that you’ll pass.