Patient education and preparation is the key to success in bariatric surgery

Weight loss surgery also known as bariatric surgery is a life changing event and is quite different from any other surgeries. For those who undergo surgery for weight loss, it has to be understood that life will not be the same again after the surgery. There will be lots of restrictions imposed on your lifestyle and you have to adapt a completely new way of living.  Getting used to new ways of eating, having special diet plan and medicines, exercising regularly and leading a disciplined life are all that you have to be comfortable with. Only if you are mentally prepared to take up the new lifestyle with conviction that you should proceed for bariatric surgery.

Be clear about your goals

You may be right to think that you have to give up many things to reap the benefits of weight loss surgery.  It is true that there are many things to forgo, but what you give up is perhaps nothing as compared to what you gain. Being clear in your mind about the goals of surgery will give enough encouragement to take up the new lifestyle. The surgery will surely make you appear much thin and attractive but the biggest gain is that the threats of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obstructive sleep apnea and high blood pressure will be eradicated. You are likely to live longer after the surgery as you will enjoy better health.


Sustain the results

The weight loss surgery will give you a new life freeing you from the threats of deadly diseases. It will also ensure that you live long to enjoy the new life by showing the ways of sustaining the good health resulting from surgery. This is something unique about the surgery. What you can expect from the surgery and what lies ahead are clearly explained to you before you undertake the surgery. You have to be convinced about the procedure and it’s after effects so that you believe in it and its goodness.

How surgeons help

The surgeon whom you entrust with the surgery will be holding your hand all through the process that begins by counseling patients.  The procedure will be explained to you in detail and all queries that you may have will be answered to your satisfaction.  How you should prepare for the surgery, what to expect from it and how life would be thereafter are all discussed. The process of counseling helps patients to be convinced about the procedure and its outcome and then take the most well informed decision. It never happens that the decision of the medical team is imposed on patients.

Better results are ensured

Having known all aspects about the surgery expectations about the procedure are based on reality. The inherent limitations of the procedure and health conditions are duly factored to set realistic goals about the surgery. This makes it easy to fulfill the expectations of patients that provide better results.

The feature of patient education and counseling is thus central to any bariatric surgery that has turned out to be the most effective way to combat obesity.