Newborn’s gender prediction: Chinese Gender Predictor Chart

To be a parent is the most divine and wonderful sensation to anyone. So from the day of conception they are eager to know about the gender of their baby. The expectants start guessing that is it a girl or boy she has conceived. And the first answer of the so much excitement comes on the first ultrasound. But in some countries like India gender determination is legally banned. Thus in such countries parents have no choice but to let it a suspense till the birth. But the parents those are very eager to know their baby’s gender can take help of a method through which they can get accurate result. The method is known as Chinese Gender Predictor Chart and by far it is the most accurate method to predict baby’s gender.

The chart’s origin:

Legend says that the chart was originated from Qing Dynasty in 1644-1911 AD and has a history of over three hundred years. The chart swas kept in custody in the Qing palace by some dedicated eunuchs. It was generally not showcased to the outsiders and was only used by the imperial family and proven effective for them. But during the Boxers Rebellion most of the exotic treasures along with the chart were looted and brought to England. Later it was found at Austria from a professor. One Chinese scholar who visited to the professor studied the chart and brought to China.

How the process works?

The predictor chart determines the baby’s gender very easily through an easy calculation. The calculation is based on the mother’s age and her date of conception. If anyone is confused about the date of her conception then she can also opt for the expected due date option to determine the result. The chart works as by converting the expectant’s age and the conception date to Chinese year format to determine the result. If both the expectant’s date of birth and the lunar month are odd or even in numbers then the mother can expect a baby girl.

Is it irrelevant?

The Chinese gender  predictor chart’s conception may sound illogical to many but many parents experienced accurate result following this chart. From centuries this tool is considered as a reliable one for prediction of baby’s gender. Even various studies proved that this chart gives accurate result in most cases and thus it is trusted by most of the people around the globe. This can be tried by those parents who are planning their babies in the near future. They get assistance from this chart on how to conceive a baby boy or baby girl. In many families gender selection is considered for family planning. Thus one can plan the right time to get pregnant depending on the preference of baby’s gender. One has to find a suitable month for her conception which will be based on her age. But fully depending upon it is not suitable as in some cases the prediction comes wrong and thus impacts an unnecessary tension in the family regarding the unborn’s gender.