Naming your child is hard. Different aspect goes through your head while thinking about it. You think whether it is appropriate or not as your baby will have that name for the result of his or her life and people will judge based on their name. Here we will be talking about the name Mason, what does the name Mason mean and all related information about it.

How to name your child?

Many parents come up with different ways to name their children. Some take time while other don’t. There are numerous ways by which you name your child. Remember, no name is a bad name. It all comes down to how it sounds to you and what do you think of its appropriateness. Some methods that most people use are naming after one’s heritage and where they are from, joining each of the parent’s initials is a very common method and sometimes people name their child based on the situation they were born, like Stormy as there was a storm going on during her birth.

Let’s now talk about the name Mason, if you are thinking of naming your child.

What does the name Mason mean?

Mason which is pronounced as ‘May-son’ has two meaning, ‘to make’ and ‘stone worker’. A person with name Mason is considered to be strong and durable. The word first came from German ‘Macian’ which meant ‘to make’. Later it passed through different people to become the English word, Mason.


In England, back in the time during the medieval ages, where people use to get their last name based on their occupation. Those who were skilled in their work with stones were given the last name as Masons. Masons used to work with granite, marble, and travertine. But over the years and as earlier as late 90’s this name moved and became the first name.


If you are looking for an uncommon name then the name Mason is not for your child. The name Mason was given mostly to the boys but is also used for the girls as well. The name is quite popular not only as Englishman’s name. It is not known when did it start to spread but by late 90’s the name Mason was not only found in USA or UK but also in Australia, Scotland. In 2011, the name Mason ranked as the second most popular name. The name became popular as it could go with any sir name. Mason is also popular as a middle name.

As said earlier naming a child can be challenging but at the same time exciting to see your child grow up with the name. You as parents must decide how to call your child and how to remember you, baby. It could be anything. There are no good or bad names.


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