Know more about Yoga classes singapore

Know more about Yoga classes singapore

Yoga can do wonders and can absolutely change your life.but for this you need someone who can guide you better and right. Yoga classes singapore will teach you several steps like the first stretch your front leg outwards, then with the one hand touch your foot and lift the other hand in the air making a straight line. Be in this position for 6 to 8 minutes before coming to rest or switching to the other side. You need a lot of determination to balance this position otherwise you might hurt yourself.


Naukasana is typically known as the boat asana because you somehow imitate the shape of the boat while doing this. This asana will increase the level of beginners since this demand tremendous balance and you need to balance the weight of your body on your hips. This asana helps in curing the abdominal pain by tightening the abdominal muscles.

yoga classes singapore

This asana is carried out in several steps. The first step is to lie straight on the yoga mat, you must align your arm and feet in a straight line. Inhale deeply and then lift your legs and back in the air thereby bringing the entire weight on the body over your hips. While lifting the arms and feet, they should be projected outward in the same direction. Relax the position while exhaling.


Bhujangasana also is known as the cobra pose is another quite tough asana but it takes the beginners to a higher level of yoga. This asana helps in the strengthening of the lower back. To do this, you have to lie on the yoga mat by your stomach with your feet straight and closer to each other. You hands are to be kept on the ground right beside your shoulders. Now you need to lift up your waist in a manner that your head also gets lifted up. Your hands and legs should still be on the ground. Now gently sway your head slightly towards the back, now exhale to get back to the original position. This asana can resemble to a dog facing upward hence the name upward facing dog is also quite common for this pose.


If you are a meditation type of person then this asana is specially made for you, however, meditation is a major part of yoga, a yogi is made up of meditation and flexibility. In this, you have to sit with your legs crossed in a way that the left leg is packed inside the right thigh and vice versa. You have to sit with you back straight and each hand on either leg making a mudra.