How to Maintain Syringes

If you work in a lab setting or any setting where you need to use syringes, then you need to think about maintenance. Here is what you need to know about syringe maintenance.

How to Clean a Syringe

When working in a lab, there are a variety of safety procedures that you need to follow. This is the same for keeping your syringes maintained. There are many types, from large capacity to the handheld syringe. The solution that you use depends heavily on how you’ve been using your syringe. Always remain careful when dealing with chemical compounds. Normally, to clean a syringe you would use DI water and soap.

How to Store a Syringe

If you plan to store your syringe, then you need to store it in a Styrofoam container to protect it. You can store it with the plunger in the barrel or you can put it in separately. If you plan to store it for less than six months, then you should leave it assembled in its normal container. If you have used it, however, then you should clean the tip and the barrel and store it in the original container, but not assembled.

For storage that lasts more than six months, you want to use different storage methods. For instance, if the syringe is not used and pre-lubricated, then you want to remove the plunger and store both pieces. If it is not pre-lubricated, then you want to immerse the syringe in water. The water needs to be cool and you need to try to get the water in both of the barrel ends and then withdraw the plunger. Store both pieces unassembled. If the syringe has been used, then you clean the barrel, tip and store it in a container without assembly.

When you work in the research industry or any industry where you have to use syringes on a regular basis, then you have to think about syringe maintenance. This will keep your syringes lasting longer.

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