How To Deal With The Problem Of Plantar Fasciitis Effectively?

There are numerous problems related to the human body that are quite painful and may result in interference with normal movements of various parts. Such a problem is related to the heels of the feet and is referred to as plantar fasciitis in which heels of the feet pain severely. The pain is so intense that the movements of the feet is next to impossible especially when you wake up in the morning. There is a reduction in pain as the movements start however the patient may complain of recurrent attacks of pain during movements of the feet. Apart from medicines and other treatment options, there are plantar fasciitis exercises as well as other ways too that may help you to reduce as well as eliminate the pain. Some of the ways are described below.:

Proper rest is a must

Of course, movement of the feet helps in reducing pain however plantar fasciitis exercises may be carried out only when there is somewhat reduction in pain and that too under the guidance of medical experts. Thus you need to give proper rest to your feet till you get relieved of the severe and intolerable pain in your feet. It helps in offering considerable relief from pain as well as inflammation. Resting certainly has a positive impact on the body and it also helps in early and accelerated recovery from any types of health issues related to the any of the parts of the body.

Cold compress help in reducing inflammation

The inflammation caused due to plantar fasciitis can be reduced considerably and effectively with the help of cold compressions. You may cold compresses 3-4 times a day for at least 15-20 minutes for most effective relief from inflammation. Also, it helps in numbing down the severe pain in your feet. Remember to use a towel or a wrap to apply cold compression.

Exercises are quite helpful

Definitely, plantar fasciitis exercises such as stretching may help in relieving pain. It is due to improvement in blood and oxygen flow to the affected area of the foot. At the same time, the muscles of the feet are also strengthened and the ankles are stabilised. Regular exercising of the feet helps in keeping the problem of plantar fasciitis at bay.

Use shoe inserts and supports for easy movements

For easy movements and preventing pain, you may use various types of shoe inserts and supports available around. Arch supports, cushions or even specialised shoes may be used for hassle-free and painless movements and also to save your feet from this problem. Those who wish to wear open-type footwear may use athletic tape that helps in prevention of plantar fasciitis by keeping your feet protected against such movements that may result in recurrent pain and inflammation.

Massaging also helps

Apart from other ways and means, massaging your feet with the help of a ball also helps in relieving pain to a great extent. It is, in fact, an easy and natural way to relieve pain at home.

With the help of these simple tips, you may surely keep the pain and other problems caused due to plantar fasciitis out of your way and enjoy free movements of feet.