How to deal with Gastric sleeve surgery?

Being health conscious is the new way of getting engage in life.  Every individual follows a strict diet in order to look better and lead a peaceful disease free life. In the recent years, fatness or weight gain is the biggest obstruction in a human body. Though there are thousands of healing process yet sometimes things doesn’t work out.  In order to find a permanent solution to excess weight gain it is better to undergo a surgery and get rid of this issue permanently.  There may be many who have heard about Gastric Sleeve surgery but the rest who are absolutely clueless, this piece of information will help them to understand the basic of Sleeve surgery.

What is actually Gastric sleeve surgery?

This particular surgery is also known as the sleeve Gastrectomy.  Right now, this is the best way for every patient to seek weight loss. First there is no such high maintenance charge after undergoing this surgery and secondly there is no such complication in the body.

Gastric sleeve surgery is basically a surgical weight loss procedure in which the stomach gets reduce by 15% after a major portion of the stomach is removed along with the curvature.  After this particular surgery, the size of the stomach gets much smaller and automatically an individual looses out weight.


Great benefits of Gastric Sleeve surgery

  • This surgery reduces hunger- This is one of the most fundamental benefit of this particular surgery. The hunger hormone which is known as ghrelin is reduced by the removal of a portion of the stomach which helps in production. The reduction of hunger mostly takes place with every patient undergoing this particular surgery but certainly there are exceptions.
  • This particular surgery takes a shorter time in comparison to gastric bypass. This is why people prefer this particular surgery.
  • It definitely does not re-route intestines.
  • Dumping syndrome- This has two vital points. Number one, this is a tool to reinforce good eating habits and secondly the pylorus remains absolutely intact and sugar gets the time digest because the intestine remains untouched.

Some precautionary measure which you should take after this operation

  • Sip liquid constantly– It often happens that after the surgery the body becomes dehydrated. As per the doctor’s instruction a patient intake liquid in a constant manner.  Therefore one should sip a little amount of water at frequent interval.
  • Activity– Body activity should be normal. A patient is instructed to walk for a long time.  This will help the body tissues to work properly after the surgery.  One thing should be noted that in the time of doing any such activity people should not lift any heavy items.
  • Showering and bathing– This should be absolutely normal and there is no such restriction on it.
  • Back to work– After few days of rest people can actually move out and start working.

Gastric sleeve surgery is right now the most proficient way to deal with weight loss.  People can undergo this surgery only after consulting a doctor.