Growing Up Strong: Ways To Improve Your Child’s Heart Health

As a parent, you want your child to remain active and full of energy. Heart health has a direct impact on their ability to thrive. Here are some effective ways to strengthen your child’s heart.

Ample Play Time

Although there’s nothing wrong with enjoying video games and watching television, these activities shouldn’t supercede actual play time. Staying active is essential to good heart health in children. In fact, Dr Bayron pediatric cardiologist recommends kids getting at least 60 minutes of active play a day. When the weather is nice, allow your child to go outdoors to run and jump. The extra cardiovascular exercise will definitely help prevent unhealthy weight gain.

Give Them Nutritious Foods

Like most kids, your child probably likes to eat cookies and cake. However, these sugary foods don’t have much nutritional value. Eating a healthy diet will actually help protect your child’s heart. Youngsters should be encouraged to eat five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Simply eating high-fiber foods that are low in salt will also reduce the risk of childhood obesity and hypertension.

Schedule a Health Screening Prior to Sports

Participating in sports can definitely help a child’s social development. However, always get your child screened by a physician beforehand. The goal is to rule out an underlying heart condition. Afterwards, your child will be able to compete without any worries.

Create a Loving Environment

Like adults, children are prone to experiencing stress. Research shows anxiety can raise a child’s blood pressure, thus putting greater strain on the heart. Make sure your child grows in a positive, nurturing environment. If your child seems to be down and out, don’t wait to talk to them. They could be dealing with a bully at school or a feeling of loneliness. Studies have proved pets can lower stress levels in children.

Remember, the condition of a child’s health can influence virtually aspect of their life. Eating right, exercising regularly, and minimizing stress can certainly help strengthen this vital organ.