Grab Your Cup of Black Tea Today!

Beverages have always been deep rooted in the routines of people. Of course you might also be having some favourites when it comes to beverages right? But do you know that more and more people are getting into the realm of black tea these days? What do you think; is it just a show off, glamour or what?

Black tea: Is it worth having?

Well, if you feel that the thought of black tea make your pallet sour then you need to shun the thought. Today you can easily find refreshing and uplifting flavoured black teas. These tea options are ruling the hearts and winning the minds. It might interest you that black tea is one of the most adored drinks or beverages in the world.  Nearly 80% of humans do consume it!

Black tea is absolutely a good choice if you are tending towards it. Black tea is absolutely rich in antioxidants called polyphenols and catechin. These help prevent DNA damage and various types of cancers. Recent medical research has suggested that the compounds found in it, known as theaflavins and thearubigins, are positively packed with health benefits apart from   giving the tea its dark colour and distinct flavour.

Regular consumption of black tea can help repair the dysfunctions of coronary artery in heart patients. Therefore, everybody who drinks it is at a lower risk of contracting heart diseases.  Similarly Tea polyphenols are recognized for their antibacterial activity. Black tea can be a helpful foot treatment and remove issues of sweaty, smelly feet. The tea also closes pores and averts frequent sweating.  You can even apply chilled black tea bags to shaver bumps and burns to calm the rashes, redness, and tickle. Chilled tea bags, once applied to your face or eyes, can prove really helpful to remove tiredness and reduce puffiness because of its caffeine content.

Okay fine, most of the people love to unwind with a cup of tea. Studies show that the consumption of black tea helps not just in lowering the production of stress hormone, cortisol but also regularizes it. Similarly, the amino acid, L-theanine that is found in this tea eases stress and boosts relaxation. The consumption of black tea may help to fasten recovery following severe stress that otherwise can cause a huger risk of chronic ailments like coronary heart disease.

If you are having black tea that too flavoured one, it also has the extra benefits of catering you energy to face the day unfolding, and its high antioxidant content is popular to boost the immune system and helping your body to fight off infections and guarding your body from the harmful effects of damaging free radicals.   You can go for flavours like the delightful fruity flavours of mango and pineapple, the nutty, exquisite amaretto flavour. You can make the most of this black tea both in heat and cold.

So, when are you going to grab your cup of black tea? Come on, when a single cup of tea can help you stay healthy and fit in so many ways then why not?