Four Effective Techniques to Control Chronic Pain

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A chronic pain coping technique consists of deep breathing and focusing. In this kind of technique you have to develop your skills to focus on another part of your body. Deep breathing will relax your body by regulating the oxygen supply to the affected part. It will also release muscle tension throughout the body and you will feel better.

Coping techniques to deal with chronic pain starts with deep breathing.

  • You need to lie down in a relaxed reclining position, preferably in a dark room away from too much of light and noise. You can shut your eyes or you can focus on any point on the wall in your room.
  • Slow down your breathing and start breathing deeply. Fill your chest with oxygen and if your mind is wandering here and there which is distracting you. This is a problem which many of the beginners face and after doing it a couple of times you will learn how to concentrate. You can take any word, let’s take the word relax and think about it when you are breathing slowly and deeply. Breathe in when you say “re” and breathe out at “lax”.
  • Do it for 2-3 minutes with controlled breathing.

Experts suggest applying imaginary and chronic pain control techniques which are effective in reducing pain. You can also take pain management services from


Altered Focus

This is a favorite technique for many people to show the power of a human mind and this can alter sensations in the human body. You just need to pay your attention or concentrate on any part of your body; it can be your hand or foot. Imaging that your food is warming up and after a certain period of time you will become proficient in altering focus. This technique will take your mind away from the actual source of pain with which you are suffering.


As the name suggests, you need to separate the painful part of your body from the rest of the body. You can also think that your body and mind are separate parts. You need to think that your lower back is sitting on a chair and your mind is away from it. This can be a complicated technique to apply in the beginning, over the period of time you will become proficient in it and can control your mind to reduce pain.

Mental anesthesia

In this kind of technique you have to imagine taking an injection of anesthesia into the affected part of your body. You have to imagine that your targeted part is becoming numb because of the numbing solution injected into that part. After which you can use an ice pack on that area to reduce pain.

Mental Analgesia

This technique works like mental anesthesia concept in which you have to imagine about taking an injection of a strong painkiller like morphine. You will imagine that your brain is producing massive amounts of endorphins. Thinking about it will enhance the secretion of natural pain relieving substance of the body called endorphin. Then they will flow to the painful parts of your body, it will lower your pain significantly.  also provides pain management services for chronic back and knee pain.