Finding Your Best Pediatric Buddy

Finding Your Best Pediatric Buddy

First step in child’s health while at her mom’s belly is choosing a trusted and accommodating pediatrician who will guide the mom-to-be in her journey as mother. The most appropriate time to look for a prospect pedia clinic is between 28- 34 weeks of your pregnancy. Most of the mothers prefer female pediatrician but the important is pediatrician are there to guide you all through out.

If you want to find out paediatric centre in singapore, there is “Kids Clinic” it is a Singapore medical group clinic wherein they specializes babies, toddlers and kids. When a mother gave birth, they offer consultations such as examining newborns, performing newborn screening to assure the newborn baby’s health. They also accepts premature babies or risky type of deliveries.

Kids Clinic offers consultation regarding some commonly child’s illness such as cough, fever, skin rashes, cold and more. They provide proper medical treatment and medication. This paediatric clinic also provide developmental assessment from birth till 5 years old. They also give proper guidelines in taking good care of teeth, proper food intake and treatment for sleeping disorders.

find out paediatric centre in Singapore

Aside from consultation and assessment, they offers child immunization. Child immunization is really important, all vaccines needed by your baby plays a significant role in child’s immune system. It serves as immunity in different severe diseases such as measles, hepatitis, rotavirus, tuberculosis and other disease that may cause severe damage to your child’s immune system.

In accordance to that, they also treat contagious diseases such as foot and hand disease, chickenpox, mumps, measles and influenza. They give appropriate medical attention to prevent the spreading of virus. They also offer basic emergency treatment for accidents such as injuries or acute illnesses in toddlers and children.

If you find out paediatric centre in singapore, Kids Clinic give thoroughly check-ups, medical discussions about the health of your little one. They can perform series of test to assure that your child is healthy or experiencing mild discomfort. They will explain to you the possible causes and what are the potential effect to your child. In accordance to that, the doctor will deliberate to you the best treatment that fits to your child.

They also offers travel-health assistance wherein they will explain to you the do’s and don’ts while travelling. They provide supplementary vaccinations to help your baby in staying healthy. They will eventually give advices to avoid such severe diseases and what are the possible first aid when you encounter it.


Choosing your pediatrician is very important. It involves your child’s health and wellness. You must ensure that in every aspect of your little one’s development is healthy and in the right path. Aside from medical advices, a pediatrician must be reliable and understands each possible circumstances upon your child’s growth. We must secure that every vaccine must be administered in right proper time of vaccination. Your trusted pedia will discuss more of your child’s health and how to maintain it. If you want to find out paediatric centre in Singapore, you can check Kids Clinic.