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foot pain

When you suffer from foot pain or problems in the central Florida area, you may need to visit a podiatrist altamonte springs fl office. A good podiatrist is dedicated to helping you to fully and painlessly use your feet again as soon as can be. If you do not have good insurance coverage, they will offer lower rates to help you afford this critical treatment.

A podiatrist office will handle more than simply foot fractures and sprains. They will also deal with neuropathy, foot wounds, and diabetic nerve pain treatment. This office will also provide many patient services concerning the feet. These include the following: treatment for flat feet, ankle sprains, foot fractures, diabetic wound care, fungal skin and toenails, foot neuropathy and nerves, heel pain and spurs, gout, ingrown toenails, neuromas, numb feet and toes, and orthotics.

Heel Pain & Spurs

A range of causes can lead to what patients commonly call a heel spur pain. The spurs are actually caused by functional and biomechanical abnormality.


Neuromas are scarier as they are benign tumors on the plantar digital nerves. Symptoms include shooting pains, burning, prominent masses, and an electrical sensation. Each of these symptoms will plague the third and fourth or second and third toes or the bottom of the front of the foot.

Fully 80 percent of neuromas needed surgery to be resolved. The other 20 percent responded at least temporarily to steroid injections. The surgical means is generally considered to be the primary method of effectively treating neuroma.


Orthotics refers to a tool for controlling the feet biomechanically. This is most frequently utilized to control issues caused by flat feet. This treatment can allow patients to walk normally even when they have abnormally structured feet. It is a valid comparison to liken the orthotics compensation to eye glasses correction for your eyes.

There is no good reason to suffer from foot pain. Podiatrist offices can handle most any type of foot problem. Even if you lack good insurance, they will work out an affordable treatment plan so that you do not have to continue suffering from a treatable foot ailment.