The Various Therapies To Assist Teenage Issues

The Various Therapies To Assist Teenage Issues

Young minds are impressionable and peer pressure gets them. If stable homes or children with lower self esteem are exposed to get stuck to various illegal activities. The addiction to these may may make an junkie who would want to waste away without doing much for himself or herself. Reformation and de-addiction is done but very few of them get better and turn over a new leaf. Hence Anasazi Foundation has found an innovative way to deal with such crises. There is an hundred percent chance full recovery and the person getting back to his/her normal life.

But there are solutions that can be found, by using right tools in confronting their worst fears, their inability to deal with day to day issues, how to handle social pressure etc. There are qualified personnel who are specifically trained to assess and bring about changes in the youth for the better. The therapy given involves a catharsis of sorts, where the person now looks forward to the life ahead and fight his/her daemons away. These programs help build endurance and perseverance to move on and not get caught in the web that held them so long.

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How the programme is carried out

One of the programs that is having a far fetching impact is the wilderness camping programme. Here the troubled youth who range in ages from 12 to 27 have come to find solace from substance abuse, bullying, sexual abuse, alcohol addiction etc. They are sent on camps together for a specified number of days. Here they have to trek on their own carrying their essentials and cook a simple meal. Every day would be same with an hour of counselling for each of them. The last two days would be with the company of their respective families to get them together and they too would attend to all the activities of the camp the same way. Before beginning the camp a seminar is held to get the people enrolling to have a knowhow about their camp what they are scheduled to do throughout the camping expedition and how it will help their wards.Living the simple life of the wilderness and given a chance to have a new perspective of their lives to goover what they have missed out and what’s awaiting them in the wings. Many have benefited and turned a new leaf and have returned to normal lives with few or no glitches.

Connecting back with nature away from the humdrum of the city life and it has so many indulgent activities that lure the young mind into its vice like grip. It also teaches that life isn’t just painting the town red. The number of expectations from every quarters draws daggers into the the young mind and he/she finds solace in addictions that make them believe reality is different and they don’t have to face it just yet. The therapy classes set by the Anasazi Foundation are focused to bring the person to a state wherein he/she fits back into society and lead a life that was meant for him/her.

How to enrol into  a therapy class

The program though expensive and has been covered under the insurance scheme. It has be checked that it is accredited and licensed to operate. As these people deal with young lives whose minds already are spaced out.More caution and care with love and compounded by being empathetic to their feelings would work. The atmosphere plays a huge part. Here they would not be able to find time to struggle with their inner demons, as survival in the wilderness with minimal facilities will enlighten them how to get on in life.