Dosage of vitamin C rich foods for inducing abortion

Pregnancy is doubtlessly a life turning moment for any female, but unwanted pregnancy can be big trouble. There are a lot of home remedies that we use for aborting the baby naturally at home. One of the most important ingredients that contribute in abortion is the Vitamin C foods. Vitamin C foods are used to abort the baby naturally if consumed in proper proportion. It is a naturally occurring nutrient, and so there will be no side effects. Scientific researchers prove that the vitamin C has a supplement called ascorbic acid which helps in miscarriage.

  • Lemon

Out of all the Vitamin C rich foods, we know that lemon contains the most nutrients. It is very good anti-oxidant when consumed with hot water. When it is combined with Parsley – another ingredient that promotes abortion, it will spontaneously promote miscarriage. Vitamin C should not be consumed as it is for abortion rather it must be combined with few other ingredients to terminate the pregnancy. Like lemon tea along with parsley is a good example. Lemon tea is readily available in markets, or you can even infuse fresh lemon and parsley for making the tea and consume daily.

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon is the most preferred foods in vitamin C for abortion that can be tried at home in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. It induces miscarriages and helps to stop the pain that is terminating the pregnancy. It is an abortifacient that causes uterine stimulation when the right dosage is consumed. Cinnamon tea is available, and it can be consumed by powdering the fresh cinnamon. Mix the cinnamon with water and consuming it will help in miscarriage.

  • Pineapple

Pineapple is again a rich source of Vitamin C that contributes in miscarriage. When the pineapple is consumed, it stimulates the ovaries and heats up. Because of consuming pineapple, a woman tends to get their menstrual cycle and in turn get their pregnancy terminated. It can be consumed anytime, and doctors suggest not to eat pineapple if a person is trying to give birth to a baby. Pineapple can be consumed like a salad or tea. It can be mixed with honey and sugar if people do not like the sour taste. High dosage of vitamin C is recommended for people who are inducing abortion naturally at home.

  • Papaya

Papaya again is like lemon which is the highest source of vitamin C can terminate pregnancy efficiently. It can terminate pregnancy naturally up to 6 weeks is what people say. Papaya is non-toxic when consumed in high dosages. Papaya should be mixed with jaggery for effective miscarriage. Jaggeryinducesheat, and along with papaya, it works naturally to terminate the pregnancy. Papaya can be mixed to the smoothie along with jaggery and milk. It can be consumed 2 glasses per day for effective termination of pregnancy.

All these foods are suggested for miscarriage, but still, scientific evidence proves that vitamin C foods are helping a lot in abortion. Also, one should know the proper recipe to abort the baby naturally at home. If done in a wrong way, it may lead to numerous side effects.