Common types of orthopedic issues and surgeries

Orthopedic is not a single word when it is taken in the medical sense. It includes anything or any issues related with ligaments, muscles and joints. Some of the important issues to mention in orthopedics include ailments, disorders, diseases or injuries that cause whiplash, knee problems, torn cartilages, dislocated shoulder, foot pain etc. In simple terms any of the pain related with the muscles and joints come under orthopedic diseases. Orthopedic issues are so common in most of the people irrespective of age, gender or location. Treatments can start from simple medication to complex surgeries.

Common orthopedic issues

Some of the common orthopedic issues to mention include Arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fractures, back pain, neck pain etc. The reasons for these orthopedic issues differ from one another and hence the treatment methods. But almost all of the treatments are focused on reducing the pain and to bring back the smooth function of the organs. Reputed orthopedic hospital in India provides satisfied and perfect treatment for different orthopedic issues.

Early diagnosis and treatment

Most of the people consult the doctor only when the issues get severe. This is the reason why the treatment demands for expensive medication and surgeries. Most of the orthopedic issues when diagnosed early can treated with simple medications including analgesics and injections.

Common orthopedic surgeries  

Most of the surgeons will first try with non surgical treatment methods to solve orthopedic issues. Every surgeon will make use of different treatment for different patients in accordance with the case. But still in some cases, chances are lot to get the problem severe and the surgeon will refer the patient for surgeries. Common forms of orthopedic surgeries include total joint replacement, total shoulder replacement, spine surgery, ACL reconstruction etc.

Total joint replacement surgery

Most of the patients referred for total joint replacement surgery are previously treated for severe arthritis issues. Surgeons or doctors may prescribe them with best painkillers and may subject them for different pain relief methods. Those patients who are not satisfied with these treatments and experience severe pain are subjected to total joint replacement surgery. In this surgery, surgeons replace the damaged parts in many joints with plastic and metal surfaces that automatically get shaped to assure the normal functions of the joints.

Total shoulder replacement surgery

Even though it is said as one of the painful surgeries, it helps the patient to feel better gradually by diminishing the pain. This surgery involves replacing the damaged parts of cartilage and bones with plastic or metal implant that can improve the motions at shoulder joints.

Spine surgery

There are several problems that lead to spine surgery. Increasing back pain is one of the common reasons to prefer spine surgery by the patients. This surgery results in reducing the pain gradually with additional advantages like better physical fitness, increased activity and better productivity. Spinal fusion is the common type of back surgery where the spinal bones gets joined to restrict the bone motions in the spine.

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