Clenbuterol reviews from the Users

Clenbuterol is a popular synthetic supplement which is used across the globe for reducing body fat and converting them into muscle tissues. It has been a great supplement for years and has gained popularity over the years with many user reviews available on the website. It is always confused with steroids which is not the case as it is a supplement which is available over the counter with ease and needs no prescription. Clenbuterol user reviews and cycle logs are all listed down in this article for your reference.

Clenbuterol is known to cure many diseases in the human body to help with the gap created due to many external factors. The most common ones are cardiovascular shocks, high blood pressure, migraines, arrhythmia, asthma and many more.  The user reviews and cycle logshelp us to feel the confidence in such supplements which is otherwise not possible as they are available over the counter and are not prescribed medically. The main purpose of selling them over the counter is that they are user friendly and can be consumed by anyone by just following the simple dosage recommendations. It is however, not sold without a prescription in some countries for the simple fact that the laws there are different and must be followed.

Some User Reviews

  • A user has lost his bulging stomach which could not be possible with the many exercises and medicines that he consumed. With the consumption of Clenbuterol he could lose on the stomach by 5 cm. which is a great achievement for him.
  • A user wanted to participate in UKBFF and was looking for supplements to cut body fat and get into shape. Clenbuterol and cutting stacks helped him to get into shape and participate in the competition.
  • A user had a beer belly and wanted to get rid of it to make 6 packs which was just a dream. But with Clenbuterol not only could he lose his beer belly but also get the desired 6 pack abs.
  • Another user wanted to just lose some body fat and get into shape. He consumed Clenbuterol and lost almost 3.4% body fat and a little weight to make him look a lot smarter and handsome.

Cycle Logs

Any supplement has a different cycle log to show the right and desired results. Clenbuterol also has similar cycles which should be followed religiously and it should be analyzed so that you know what is good for your body. This is because you would need to know the effects and side effects on your body which cannot be judged by anyone else. Since this product is a do it yourself supplement you would not get medical advice over it unless probed. So follow whet is written on the pack and get in shape as soon as possible.

A regular male can consume anywhere from 2-8 tablets a day for around 4-6 weeks and for females it is between 2-4 tablets for the same duration. Anything above this would cause harm to your body as per Clenbuterol.

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