Choosing the Right Synthetic Urine Kits: How to Pass the Drug Test

Cannabis continues being the contentious issue on the political and social level. Due to this, most of the corporations prohibit use of the cannabis overseas. Undoubtedly you will have to submit it to the drug test whenever you apply for the job. Failure can ruin your reputation as well as chances of landing the good job at reputable company and government organization and Synthetic urine can solve your problem.

How to Select the Right Fake Pee for the Drug Test

There’re many synthetic urine kits in the market right now. The top quality fake urine is one, which performs efficiently in various scenarios. Before using synthetic urine kits, make sure you read directions very carefully. Missing one single step will lead to the disastrous drug results. Ensure that urine kit is not expired and fresh. Also, heat urine a little before you submit its sample and keep in mind, fake urine will not work for everyone. The primary reason is that the different companies make use of different methods for testing. Get the synthetic pee kit from the reputable brand.

Best Synthetic Urine Kits: Top 5 Brands Of Fake Pee To Pass A Drug Test

How To Pass Supervised Drug Test?

  • Start this process at your home. Take off cap of your urine bottle. Microwave urine until this reaches your desired temperature and must not take over 10 sec.
  • Many kits have got thermal strips. Make sure strip has a perfect temperature. It must not be very cold or hot. Also, don’t overheat or cool this down much. Do it discreetly at your home.
  • Close bottle and shake it nicely.
  • Turn hand warmer. Take the rubber band & secure this to the container. It can make sure it stays at an expected temperature for some hours. But, if the synthetic pee kit has got heating pads, you do not have to do the step.
  • Besides, you must come up with the way to hide your device well. Thus, get smart & find the way to conceal this without giving this away.
  • Safe place you may try is groin. Try to practice at home & walk over with the device. You need to make yourself comfortable & do not show signs of stress.
  • When you reach drug testing center, you need to check temperature of strip. Ensure this has right reading. Remove its lid first & pour synthetic urine and place your bottle back where it is hiding. Do not leave any traces behind. Submit the sample to your technician.