Chemotherapy and Cancer


Cancer is one of the most complex disease that a doctor can ever face in their life of case studies. The disease is so much complex that they don’t have any type of cure. So it is practically impossible to treat and cure the disease. Cancer has got the maximum number of unsuccessful cases where the patients after a lot tries for the cure has died. Therefore all of the thing got wasted for nothing. The cancer has got the 3rd highest fatality rate in this world. All over the many people are acquainted with cancer and the scientists, nor the doctors and also the family member can do nothing about it. Spending big and giving the best possible treatment will also result is nothing but death in some day. Thus with cancer everything is very much futile for the patient. And this disease not only destroys the patient. But it also destroys the family with every possible aspects. Not only economical the disease is very much associated with the emotional backdrop of the family as well. Thousands of labs all around the world are working on the cancer and it cure so that they discover something that can be properly used up by the doctors for the cure of the patients. Till now the result has been very much futile from every angle of research. But it is very much optimistic that one day the cure will definitely be found.

Genes and Cancer

Cancer is disease that is primarily regarded as the genetic problem. The gene are the mainly responsible for the causing the cancer. Now gene is that thing that dictates each and every action of the human body. They are the functional unit of the human body. And for each action of the human beings specific genes are present so that they can be used to answer the query which is needed by the body. Genes are present in the chromosome of the body. The functional unit of the chromosome is called as the gene. The cancer has also specific gene that needs to be activated before causing the disease. These genes also undergo an important phenomena that is called as the mutation. With mutation the gene can change its function. That change can be positive as well as negative. This mutation when in effect can activate the gene that causes cancer and hence the disease starts propelling its root all over the body.

Treatment Methods

Different kind of treatment techniques are present for cancer. The cancer can be treated by chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc. where a particular chemical is used or a radioactive gaseous material is used for the treatment of the cancer cells. Chemotherapy cost in India is ranging from medium to high so that it can be used by peoples of each and every background.


Still the cure won’t happen because of the property of metastasis that the cancer has. In this the cancer cells while growing can go and adhere at any possible center of the body will start growing there again.


People should hope for the good as one day the disease will have some cure/