Causes of Common sports injuries and treatment 

Plantar Fasciitis

There are many ways used to treat an injury area, especially during sports events. For instance, some people apply a simple message, and it’s done. However, there are other severe injuries such as Concussion brain injury or chronic pain. This kind of injuries may require special treatment from a qualified physiotherapist.

The Concussion physiotherapy North York is a perfect example of a professional clinic that offers physiotherapy treatment and helpful advice to athletes who exposed to risks of injuries during sports. Here are some of the injuries that require special attention from certified Physiotherapy specialists:

Ankle Fracture

The Ankle fracture, which is commonly known as a broken ankle, occurs when the ankle on bone areas has cracked. Fracture pain range from mild to severe, especially when a bone portion has passed out of a patient’s skin. Sports injury clinics are equipped with an experienced and certified specialist who can treat ankle fracture, mostly on athletes. They have the ability and what it takes to examine the patient’s affected area sometimes even without pain.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis mostly occurs to the people put a lot of pressure a particular area of their body, especially while running or jumping. Someone who suffer this kind of illness experience during morning hours.

Specialist in an injury clinic concussion physiotherapy north york are also expertise in treating plantar fasciitis depending on its severity; it can take up to 8 months before the patient is completely recovered. North York physiotherapy specialists from Province Orthopedics recommends one should always put on a right shoe specifically for athletics to prevent this disorder.

sports injuries and treatment

Cuboid Syndrome

Cuboid syndrome happens mostly on athletes, individuals with flat feet, and dancers. The continuous and recurrent movement causes a cuboid bone to skew, causing severe pain. The patient who has suffered sprained ankle may also suffer from a cuboid bone. The patient who has cuboid Syndrome would frequently experience pain in areas concentrated with redness and swelling as well as not using a particular foot area.


Regardless of how this information is informative, they should never be used as medical advice but only for information purpose. A patient who is suffering from body pain should consult the health provider or the orthopedic for medication. For much and more information, please visit your nearest sports injuries clinic or you can as well find more about sports injuries treatment via concussion physiotherapy North York.