Amla is one of the prestigious herbs which will prevents the aging as well as helps in promoting the longevity. This has been found to be one of the most abundant forms of source of Vitamin C in this plant kingdom having as much as 20 times that of orange color. This is really supposed to rejuvenate all types of organ system of the human body, provides wellness as well as the great strength to human body. This will also helps us in keeping away from all types of diseases by boosting the immune system of the person.

The amla is considered to be widely used herbs in the ayurvedic medicines, among that sushrut and charak are widely used and this is mentioned as the use of amla for some curative purposes. Due to the sheet virya potency present in amla would be widely used in the disease which is mainly caused by the common form of pitta disorders. Well the renowned ayurvedic form of medicine preparations such as triphala, amlaki rasayan, and the chawanprash which posses’ dominance of amla. The botanical name of this amla is Emblica officinalis, and if you want to learn about this amla and its benefits, you can get more information here in this link. Following mentioned are some health benefits while using the amla. They are:

  • Lose weight
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Improve digestion
  • Build immunity
  • Absorb nutrients like iron better
  • Better bowel movements (fiber helps)
  • Increase metabolism

The lesser known fact is that the amla is an effective range of weight loss help. This is the high fiber content which helps in flushing out the waste from the human body. Protein content present in the amla may also helps in controlling the cravings. Having the cup of amla juice before taking the meal can helps you in filling you up and makes you eat less food. Amla had tannic and some other acids that helps in relieving the indigestion as well as the constipations.

The healthy digestive system actually means more amount of energy form food. Including the amla in diet through the food and the juice extracts from the amla will also helps the people in losing their weigh easily and in natural way. Good side effects in using the amla juice is glowing skin, few form of health issues, and glossy hairs. And this amla will be used in many forms, few of them are dries, pickle form, and in the form of formulations. So, anyone can use the amla in these different forms. Make use of the information and the benefits on using amla which help you in many ways.