A glimpse of surrogacy and its necessary qualifications

 Fertility is a prominent thing everyone’s life and nowadays many had become infertile because of many conditions. Gone are the days when they spend more of their time on regret, infertility and getting scion is not an intimidating task. Test tube has made scion for many and in the worst case scenario, some women are not even eligible for test tube babies. But there comes surrogate mothers which saves the people from their regret. Surrogacy is more like a boon, a sign of highly developed medical sector and people all over the world are starting to prefer the surrogate mother to solve their regrets. The surrogate mothers do have certain qualification and this article can brings you more ideas about surrogate mothers and other necessary details about them.

for those who cannot understand what a surrogate is, it is nothing but a type of vitro fertilization.  The embryo of the mother is taken out the body and it is fertilized, later implanted on the uterus of another women or a third party women. They are called as surrogate mothers. The surrogate mothers usually agreed to take care of the babies on their womb and give birth to them. Since then, the babies are take care by their biological parents. There might arose a doubts about the rights of the child, the biological parents prefers the court and get their parental rights legally. It is more like continuing the parents DNA

There are certain medical condition should be satisfied to become surrogate mothers. The surrogacy qualifications are listed as follows.

The age limit is the most important things to be considered on surrogate. The compassioned surrogate mother must lies between the ages of 21-39. Below and above these ages might causes many health problems to both the surrogate mothers and child. It is mandatory that they must lies between those ages.

The BMI (Body Mass Index) is the most important things to be considered by the people. The BMI must lies between 18-34 and the women below those ages can never become such one and do the honors. Another important thing is they must not smoke and living a non smoking area. There should never be any history of clinical mental illness and other deadly physical illness. These are the most prominent things to be considered by the people.

The surrogate mothers must give birth to child before and raising at least one child. They must also had uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries, their documentation is also important things to be considered. No history of criminal activities and stable responsible life is also a prominent qualification to become surrogate mothers.

Hope this article gives you the better knowledge about surrogate mothers.