Why You Should Consult Your Family Doctor for a Healthy Diet Plan

Maintaining a healthy weight can help you stay fit and improve your health. But instead of choosing a diet plan on your own, it’s best to consult a doctor to know about the right diet plan that will work for you.

Whether you want to gain a healthy weight or lose excess weight, your primary care doctor can help you with both. You can consult a weight-loss doctor to get advice on the popular diet programs, weight loss medications (in certain cases), and exercise routines, but if you want to make the right choice, it’s in your best interest to visit your primary care doctor.

Benefits of Seeing Your Primary Care Doctor for a Healthy Diet Plan

A nutritionist can guide you about the diet plans that work for a majority of people. But they aren’t aware of your medical history,which is why they may overlook your specific needs.

A family doctor, on the other hand usually addresses the healthcare needs of an entire family. Aside from your personal medical history, they also know about your family history. Therefore, they can suggest a healthy diet that will help you with your weight.

If you’re allergic to any food items, your primary care doctor will refrain from including those foods to your diet plan.Many offices, likeTreasure Valley Family Medicine can help you by treating you as a whole rather than simply breaking down every aspect of your health as if nothing is connected. This approach to medicine is recommended for helping people work better routines & diets into their lifestyle for better overall health.

You’re likely to feel more comfortable with your primary care doctor as compared to a nutritionist. It’s because family doctors stay with patients for long. This helps in building a strong relationship between the doctor and patients.The patients trust their family doctors and listen to their advice.

Due to time constraints, nutritionists may not be able to give you enough time so that you can discuss your concerns. This affects your relationship with the doctor and you may hesitate in following the diet plan.

But primary care doctors are usually more attentive to their patients. They give them time and carefully listen to them. If you’ve any concerns about a specific diet plan, they will answer your queries and explain why you should take their advice.

Primary care doctors are expert in your medical history and can suggest diet plans as per your particular medical conditions.However, if they are unable to answer your questions about any specific diet program, they will refer you to an experienced nutritionist.

Questions to Ask Your Family Doctor

Before visiting your family doctor, you should note down the questions you need to ask them about the diet plan. Here are some questions that you need to ask your doctor:

  • What should my goal weight be?
  • Do I need to lose weight to improve my health?
  • Which diet plan is suitable for me?
  • Are there any negative effects of the suggested diet plan?
  • Should I avoid any specific foods due to my medical conditions?

All in all, your family doctor can suggest the right diet plan for you. Although they may not be an expert on the subject, they can inform you about the most suitable diet programs as per your medical history.