Why It’s A Good Reason To Try Kunzea Oil

Kunzea Ambigua (poverty bush or tick bush) is a type of plant that is native in a part of Australia called Tasmania. It grows up to 5 meters and has known to have distinct small white flowers in spring. Its widely known in those parts especially in gardening since it attracts insects keeping them at bay and out of the house. While it’s a widely known plant for gardening, it actually has some pretty solid medicinal properties that are slowly being recognized.

This is in the form of Kunzea Oil, a topical medicine preparation made from Kunzea Ambigua that has been known to be a potent and effective anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Asian medicine has a long history of medicinal herbs and Australia is somewhat lagging in that department and thanks to Kunzea Ambigua that’s all about to change. Below are some good reasons why you should try the Australian Kunzea Oil

What does it do? Kunzea oil has been known to be an effective anti-inflammatory medicine and a good topical agent for pain.

  • Ideal for people with arthritis
  • Ideal for dry and red skin
  • Helps relieve anxiety

Based on what it can do, you can compare it to tea tree and eucalyptus, the only difference is that Kunzea isn’t as aromatic as the others mentioned above and it doesn’t cause irritation.

The preparation: Kunzea is a topical preparation and since its oil based it doesn’t really have any special Instructions on how to apply it, as long as the site of application is not an open world it should be fine.

The dosage: The fact is, there isn’t really any specific dose as far as Kunzea Oil is concerned which makes it very likable. This can only mean that you can take as much as you like but of course, it’s not a replacement for your perfume so for smelling sake you might want to be cut down in taking Kunzea oil too much. But in all seriousness, you can apply as needed depending on the severity of the inflammation or pain. The recommended dose is twice per day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

It’s safer: Because it’s natural and applied topically, it’s much safer since it doesn’t have any known side effects so it’s pretty much up to you how much and how often you take it but as advised above, at least twice a day should suffice.

Kunzea oil is this unique medicinal herb that Australia can proudly call their own. This medicinal herb has been known to be an effective anti-inflammatory and pain medicine that can be applied externally. The application is as needed basis or ideally twice a day. There is no overdose pre-auction, just don’t place it in areas with open wounds and don’t apply too much that it can overpower your perfume because as you can smell, its very far from a perfume. If you want your dose of Kunzea oil and read more about it, you can visit ZeaRelief for more details and discover the various products that you can buy Kunzea Ambigua on.